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Grayfel Font

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GrayfelDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Grayfel was designed by Jeremy Dooley and released by insigne. Grayfel contains 42 designs and household plan alternatives. p > As designers, we look for perfection and creativity. The more we step back and look at our work, the more modifications we tend to find needed. Extreme adjustments are inevitable.

The exact same holds true of Grayfel. Grayfel started as an exercise at insigne to explore the congested area of neutral sans. While the world of sans serifs is undoubtedly crowded, I still managed to find something new and different.

The final Grayfel consists of 42 full-featured OpenType font styles containing 3 widths: Regular, Condensed, and Extended. Every width consists of 14 typefaces-- 7 weights with matching italics, making it a great companion for setting clear text and headings for print and screen. OpenType functions are likewise offered. There's figure choices, such as proportional and old style figures. Additionally, Greyfel consists of sophisticated typographic characteristics: ligatures, fractions, alternate characters, small caps, superscripts and subscripts. Its extended character set supports Central, Western and Eastern European languages.

Optical payments also indicate the outcome of this family is a hybrid of humanistic proportions. It's a well-finished design with optimized kerning provides it a friendly look. If you like sans serifs within the tradition of Futura, Helvetica, Avant Garde and Avenir, then you'll enjoy Greyfel, too.

Grayfel works well in a range of applications. Discreetly neutral yet enjoyable, it appropriates for headlines of all sizes in addition to for text. Put it to the task for marketing, packaging, editorial work, branding and even on-screen projects. Attempt it out: it's not just fun and lively; it's Grayfel.

Font Family:
· Grayfel Nor Light
· Grayfel Nor Light It
· Grayfel Nor Book
· Grayfel Nor Book It
· Grayfel Nor Regular
· Grayfel Nor Reg It
· Grayfel Nor Medium
· Grayfel Nor Med It
· Grayfel Nor Demi
· Grayfel Nor Dem It
· Grayfel Nor Bold
· Grayfel Nor Bold It
· Grayfel Nor Extra Bold
· Grayfel Nor Extra Bold It
· Grayfel Con Light
· Grayfel Con Light It
· Grayfel Con Book
· Grayfel Con Book It
· Grayfel Con Regular
· Grayfel Con Reg It
· Grayfel Con Medium
· Grayfel Con Med It
· Grayfel Con Demi
· Grayfel Con Dem It
· Grayfel Con Bold
· Grayfel Con Bold It
· Grayfel Con Extra Bold
· Grayfel Con Extra Bold it
· Grayfel Ext Light
· Grayfel Ext Light It
· Grayfel Ext Book
· Grayfel Ext Book It
· Grayfel Ext Regular
· Grayfel Ext Reg It
· Grayfel Ext Medium
· Grayfel Ext Med It
· Grayfel Ext Demi
· Grayfel Ext Dem It
· Grayfel Ext Bold
· Grayfel Ext Bold It
· Grayfel Ext Extra Bold
· Grayfel Ext Extra Bold It

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Grayfel Font Preview

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