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Gryffensee Font

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GryffenseePublisher: Catharsis Fonts
Gryffensee is a blackletter font style family. This typeface has 4 designs and was published by Catharsis Fonts.

Gryffensee is created to be the Futura of blackletter, combining the time-honored gravity and relentlessness of the Gothic script with the clean, contemporary freshness of the geometric sans. Developed from a firmly controlled inventory of lines, arcs, sharp cuts, and OpenType functions, Gryffensee was born and raised in the digital age, yet retains the powerful charm and human heat of its mediaeval blackletter forefathers. As a result, it stands out in a vast array of display screen settings, logotypes, and brief text. Unlike the majority of standard blackletters, it even handles all-caps usage with grace, and consists of a comprehensive Cyrillic character set (in the Pro version).


Apart from a generous variety of automated ligatures and contextual alternates, Gryffensee provides stylistic alternates that allow users to tailor its look to their tastes. The uppercase|AGHIKZ|been available in alternate cuts that trade conventional shapes for increased legibility, while the letter|s|appears in 3 cuts, each with an unique, distinct taste. All these alternatives are available through OpenType stylistic sets in the main Latin font style, Gryffensee Eins. For simple use in applications without OpenType support, we provide 2 additional Latin typefaces (Gryffensee Zwei and Drei) in which these alternatives replace the default cuts. Lastly, Gryffensee Pro uses all the functionality of Gryffensee Eins, plus Cyrillic support.


My intent to devise a contemporary geometric blackletter was inspired by 4 hand-painted letters,|ABCD |, in Sasha Prood's online portfolio. I later on discovered that he had, in turn, taken those letters from an existing typeface, Bastard, by Jonathan Barnbrook. Luckily, by that time my project had actually taken on a life of its own. Gryffensee is an original design that bears just the most superficial resemblance to Bastard. Gryffensee is a mediaeval spelling of the lake Greifensee near which I grew up. It is noticable [ˈgriːfənˌseː], or "GRIEF-un-say" in English approximation. This font is devoted to Simone.

.Font Family:
· Gryffensee Eins Regular
· Gryffensee Zwei Regular
· Gryffensee Drei Regular
· Gryffensee Pro Regular

Gryffensee Font Preview
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