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Gulitov Font

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GulitovPublisher: ParaType
Gulitov is a grunge typeface household. This typeface has two styles and was published by ParaType.

Original type work developed in unconventional method by type and graphic designer Yuri Gulitov. The shapes of indications were constructed up in an extremely specific routine. At the very first stage signs were drawn on the black sheets of paper by the PVA adhesive, then a white sheets was put above, and lastly after a long time the white sheets were torn off. The scraps of white paper provided the signs. Inverse design shows hypothetic outcome of tearing off the black sheets. The design together or individually can be used in display and advertizing works for demonstration of battle in between the forces of good and evil or vice versa. Analog version of the font was granted by diploma on Third International Biennale of Graphic Design "Golden Bee". Digital version was released by ParaType in 2008.

.Font Family:
· Gulitov Negative
· Gulitov Positive

Gulitov Font Preview
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