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Haboro Font

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HaboroDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Haboro was created by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. Haboro consists of 54 styles and family package choices. p > Haboro is a powerful workhorse. It's a neoclassical typeface established for numerous usages, ranging from editorial and business to websites and apps.

This new face from insigne Style takes a contemporary twist on the high-contrast typeface category called the Didone. Acknowledged for their ability to convey clearness, the geometric simplification of the Didone genre adds a level-headed rationality to whichever work it's applied. Didones are used to provide style and elegance to a wide number of applications-everything from style or cosmetic labels to annual reports.

With its distinct take on this timeless genre, Haboro-with its slight wedge-shaped serifs and distinct terminals-is still defined by sophistication, custom and timelessness. A lot more to its versatility, this multi-purpose text face features whimsical terminals, which cheer up even the most serious texts. If you prefer, you can also opt for the more normal ball terminals by triggering OpenType alternates.

The Haboro family includes seven weights from a Thin to a Black along with matching italics. The contrast from the letters' thick strokes and thin strokes draws the eye to your style, making Haboro a powerful visual tool for communicating your message.

The typeface likewise consists of various ligatures and alternates. Choose in between serif versions such as ball terminals or basic serifs by utilizing OpenType alternates. We suggest using the default contextual alternates and discretionary ligatures in order to benefit from all members of this great font style family. In addition, Haboro has a sizable set of alternative glyphs and many other OpenType variables to provide your text the special touches it needs.

Haboro has all of the qualities you require to undertake your next task. Utilize its modified beauty to shape and mold your next style, whether a web website, app, branding package, or magazine. You'll discover there's no task Haboro can't take on.

Font Family:
· Haboro Nor Thin
· Haboro Nor Thin Italic
· Haboro Nor Light
· Haboro Nor Light Italic
· Haboro Nor Book
· Haboro Nor Book Italic
· Haboro Nor Regular
· Haboro Nor Regular Italic
· Haboro Nor Medium
· Haboro Nor Medium Italic
· Haboro Nor Demi
· Haboro Nor Demi Italic
· Haboro Nor Bold
· Haboro Nor Bold Italic
· Haboro Nor Extra Bold
· Haboro Nor Extra Bold Italic
· Haboro Nor Black
· Haboro Nor Black Italic
· Haboro Con Thin
· Haboro Con Thin Italic
· Haboro Con Light
· Haboro Con Light Italic
· Haboro Con Book
· Haboro Con Book Italic
· Haboro Con Regular
· Haboro Con Regular Italic
· Haboro Con Medium
· Haboro Con Medium Italic
· Haboro Con Demi
· Haboro Con Demi Italic
· Haboro Con Bold
· Haboro Con Bold Italic
· Haboro Con Extra Bold
· Haboro Con Extra Bold Italic
· Haboro Con Black
· Haboro Con Black Italic
· Haboro Ext Thin
· Haboro Ext Thin Italic
· Haboro Ext Light
· Haboro Ext Light Italic
· Haboro Ext Book
· Haboro Ext Book Italic
· Haboro Ext Regular
· Haboro Ext Regular Italic
· Haboro Ext Medium
· Haboro Ext Medium Italic
· Haboro Ext Demi
· Haboro Ext Demi Italic
· Haboro Ext Bold
· Haboro Ext Bold Italic
· Haboro Ext Extra Bold
· Haboro Ext Extra Bold Italic
· Haboro Ext Black
· Haboro Ext Black Italic

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Haboro Font Preview

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