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Hand Scribble Sketch Times Font

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Hand Scribble Sketch TimesDesigner: Manuel Viergutz
Publisher: TypoGraphicDesign
Hand Scribble Sketch Times was created by Manuel Viergutz and released by TypoGraphicDesign. Hand Scribble Sketch Times contains 1 design. p > CHARACTERISTICS

A state-of-the-art OpenType-Feature (like Contextual Alternates (calt) and Stylistic Alternates (salt)) of "Hand Scribble Sketch Times" is, that each uppercase and each lowercase letter has actually immediately alternated 2 variations to bring humanly-random attributes of handwriting to life.

The character of the rough, ruggend and raw handwritten traditional serif typeface is an extremely unique warmly environment. An pro-version of the font style "Hand TIMES".


warmth, love, handmade. For support of human warmth.

Of cooking dishes, menus in the dining establishment across celebration flyer, music cover Art to logo design (word marks), headings in publications and websites.


■ Typeface Call: Hand Scribble Sketch Times

■ Typeface Weights: Regular

■ Typeface Classification: Grunge Serif Show for Headline Size

■ Typeface Format: OTF( OpenType Typeface for Mac+ Win)+ TTF( TrueType Font Style )

■ Glyph protection: 601

■ Language Assistance: Basic Latin/English letters, Central Europe, West European diacritics, Baltic, Romanian, Turkish

■ Specials: Alternative letters, Standard & Discretionary Ligatures, additionals like symbols, dingbats, Old-style Digits, Lining Figures, accents & EUR, incl. OpenType-Features like Contextual Alternates( calt), Glyph Composition/Decomposition( ccmp ), Discretionary Ligatures( dlig), Kerning( & kern), Basic Ligatures( liga), Numerators (onum ), Ordinals (ordn), Stylistic Alternates (salt), Stylistic Set 01( ss01), Stylistic Set 02( ss02), Stylistic Set 03( ss03), Slashed Absolutely no (no), Lining Figures( lnum), Tabular Figures( tnum ), Old Style Figures (onum), Proportional Figures( pnum)

■ Style Date: 2013

■ Type Designer: Manuel Viergutz

■ Webfont Format: SVG +EOT+ TTF+ WOF

Font Family: Hand Scribble Sketch Times

Tags: accents, ad, advertising, agile, aka, alias, alternates, alternative, antique, bold, book, capital letter double s, capital sharp s, cartoon, child-like, classic, clothing, comic, concept, contextual, craft, creative, crisp, cute, decorative, destroy, dingbats, dirty, display, distorted, diy, drawn, eroded, extras, eye catcher, fancy, fashion, fashionable, fine liner, flyer, food, fresh, friendly, groove, groovy, grunge, hand, hand-crafted, handmade, hands-on, handwriting, handwritten, header, headline, health, heart, icons, illustration, irregular, kids, legible, ligatures, logo, logotype, love, magazine, modern, multi-lingual, multilingual, music, newspaper, note, old, old-fashioned, opentype, opentype-features, packaging, party, pencil, poster, product, raw, retro, revival, rouge, rough, rude, ruff, rugged, rust, schmuck, scribble, serif, sketch, smiley, stylistic, stylistic set, textile, texture, times, titles, trash, tribute, typo graphic design, umlaute, unique, urban, versal eszett, vicious, viergutz, vintage, vital, warm, warmly, weathered, webfont, writing, zier

Hand Scribble Sketch Times Font Preview

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