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Heading Pro Text Font

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Heading Pro TextDesigner: Francesco Canovaro
Publisher: Zetafonts
Developed by Francesco Canovaro, Heading Pro Text is a sans serif typeface household. This typeface has fifty-four designs and was released by Zetafonts.

Heading Pro Medium, Heading Pro Double and Heading Pro Treble are 3 variations of the original Heading Pro typeface developed by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts.

These 3 medium width families have actually been added to the initial condensed width household to be used in any case where you need to match the space optimizing qualities of Heading Pro with some standard-proportioned text.

The range of widths of the Heading Medium collection extends into the Double and Treble widths, each coming in a sufficient range of weights with matching italics and a broad range of open type functions that permit you to create text blocks with a great grain control on appearance.

Each Heading Pro typeface consists of over 800 characters with protection for 100+ languages using Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. A complete variety of open-type functions is consisted of in each weight including stylistic alternates, little caps, old-style and tabular numerals and positional figures.

The complete Heading Pro Super Family includes Heading Pro Ultra Compressed, Heading Pro, Heading Pro Text and Heading Pro Extended for a grand overall of 146 fonts developed around 8 different widths from ultra-compressed to ultra-wide and 9 weights from thin to black, offering a large spectrum of sans serif type solutions to your design problems.

Font Family:
· Heading Pro Medium Thin
· Heading Pro Medium Thin Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Extra Light
· Heading Pro Medium Extra Light Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Light
· Heading Pro Medium Light Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Book
· Heading Pro Medium Book Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Regular
· Heading Pro Medium Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Bold
· Heading Pro Medium Bold Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Extra Bold
· Heading Pro Medium Extra Bold Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Heavy
· Heading Pro Medium Heavy Italic
· Heading Pro Medium Black
· Heading Pro Medium Black Italic
· Heading Pro Double Thin
· Heading Pro Double Thin Italic
· Heading Pro Double Extra Light
· Heading Pro Double Extra Light Italic
· Heading Pro Double Light
· Heading Pro Double Light Italic
· Heading Pro Double Book
· Heading Pro Double Book Italic
· Heading Pro Double Regular
· Heading Pro Double Italic
· Heading Pro Double Bold
· Heading Pro Double Bold Italic
· Heading Pro Double Extra Bold
· Heading Pro Double Extra Bold Italic
· Heading Pro Double Heavy
· Heading Pro Double Heavy Italic
· Heading Pro Double Black
· Heading Pro Double Black Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Thin
· Heading Pro Treble Thin Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Extra Light
· Heading Pro Treble Extra Light Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Light
· Heading Pro Treble Light Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Book
· Heading Pro Treble Book Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Regular
· Heading Pro Treble Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Bold
· Heading Pro Treble Bold Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Extra Bold
· Heading Pro Treble Extra Bold Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Heavy
· Heading Pro Treble Heavy Italic
· Heading Pro Treble Black
· Heading Pro Treble Black Italic

Heading Pro Text Font Preview
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