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Heading Pro Font

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Heading ProDesigner: Francesco Canovaro
Publisher: Zetafonts
Heading Pro was designed by Francesco Canovaro and published by Zetafonts. Heading Pro consists of 40 styles and family bundle options. p > Heading Pro is a typeface family developed by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts. It's a geometric condensed typeface with high legibility and an effective personality, created to enhance space on the printed page and on the screen.

Heading Pro, can be found in 8 weights and matching italics, is created to master 'titles and subheadings, timetables, name and credit lists and cases of abundant and excessive copywriting.

The family also includes a Little Caps variant, with a larger x-height than the basic Small Caps, and a Compressed version, both offered in 8 weights from thin to heavy, for a total of 32 weights. It covers over forty languages using the latin alphabet, along with Greek and Russian Cyrillic.

The full Heading Pro Type System includes Heading Pro Ultra Compressed, Heading Pro, Heading Pro Text, Heading Pro Extended for a grand overall of 146 typefaces built around 8 different widths from ultra-compressed to ultra-wide and 9 weights from thin to black, offering a large spectrum of sans serif type solutions to your style problems.

Font Family:
· Heading Pro Thin
· Heading Pro Thin Italic
· Heading Pro ExtraLight
· Heading Pro ExtraLight Italic
· Heading Pro Light
· Heading Pro Light Italic
· Heading Pro Book
· Heading Pro Book Italic
· Heading Pro Regular
· Heading Pro Italic
· Heading Pro Bold
· Heading Pro Bold Italic
· Heading Pro ExtraBold
· Heading Pro ExtraBold Italic
· Heading Pro Heavy
· Heading Pro Heavy Italic
· Heading Smallcase Pro Thin
· Heading Smallcase Pro ExtraLight
· Heading Smallcase Pro Light
· Heading Smallcase Pro Book
· Heading Smallcase Pro Regular
· Heading Smallcase Pro Bold
· Heading Smallcase Pro ExtraBold
· Heading Smallcase Pro Heavy
· Heading Pro Compressed Pro Thin
· Heading Pro Compressed Thin Italic
· Heading Pro Compressed ExtraLight
· Heading Pro Compressed Extra Light Italic
· Heading Pro Compressed Light
· Heading Pro Compressed Light Italic
· Heading Pro Compressed Book
· Heading Pro Compressed Book Italic
· Heading Pro Compressed Regular
· Heading Pro Compressed Italic
· Heading Pro Compressed Bold
· Heading Pro Compressed Bold Ita
· Heading Pro Compressed ExtraBold
· Heading Pro Compressed Extra Bold Italic
· Heading Pro Compressed Heavy
· Heading Pro Compressed Heavy Italic

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