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Heisei Kaku Gothic StdN W5 Font

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Heisei Kaku Gothic StdN W5Publisher: Adobe
Heisei Kaku Gothic StdN W5 is a sans serif and foreign font style published by Adobe.

Heisei Kaku Gothic was one of the first typeface households developed by a group of type foundries formed by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA). In 1988, a font development job was begun by the Font style Advancement and Promo Center (FDPC), which was formed as an affiliate of the JSA. A typeface style competitors was held for gothic typefaces, and a style proposed by Nippon Typewriter Co., Ltd. (which later on became Canon N.T.C., Inc.) was selected. Heisei Kaku Gothic is a modern gothic, or sans serif, design whose kanji glyphs have easy stroke shapes. Still, its glyphs for hiragana and katakana characters have discreetly curved strokes, offering an excellent balance in between simplified and conventional letterform building and construction. The standard weight W5 is developed for usage with Heisei Mincho W3. Four weights, W3 through W9 in odd-numbered increments, are offered. All weights of the "Sexually transmitted disease" variations support the JIS X 0208 standard. Only W5 covers all of Adobe-Japan1-3, and the remaining 3 weights, W3, W7, and W9, cover an Adobe-Japan1-1 subset of Adobe-Japan1-3. One weight, W5, is also offered as a "StdN" version that consists of over 4,500 extra glyphs, supports the JIS X 0213 standard in its entirety, and is JIS2004-savvy.

.Font Family: Heisei Kaku Gothic StdN W5 Regular

Heisei Kaku Gothic StdN W5 Font Preview
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