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Helvetica Now Font

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Helvetica NowDesigners: Max Miedinger, Charles Nix, Monotype Studio, Jan Hendrik Weber
Publisher: Monotype
Helvetica Now was developed by Max Miedinger, Charles Nix, Monotype Studio, Jan Hendrik Weber and published by Monotype. Helvetica Now contains 48 designs and family plan options. The font is presently # 2 in Best Sellers. p > Each and every single glyph of Helvetica has actually been redrawn and upgraded for this expansive new edition-- which maintains the typeface's Swiss mantra of clearness, simplicity and neutrality, while upgrading it for the needs of modern design and branding.

Helvetica Now makes up 48 typefaces, consisting of 3 unique optical sizes: Micro, Text and Show. Each one has been carefully customized to the demands of its size. The larger Show versions are drawn to display the subtlety of Helvetica and spaced with headings in mind, while the Text sizes focus on legibility, utilizing robust strokes and conveniently loose spaces.

The Micro sizes address a concern Helvetica has long faced-- that of being 'micro type challenged'. In the past, the typeface struggled to be understandable at small sizes because of its density and closed apertures. Helvetica Now's Micro designs are simplified and overemphasized to maintain the impression of Helvetica in tiny type, and their spacing is loose, supplying exceptional legibility at tiny sizes and in low-res environments.

There's also an extensive set of alternates, which permit designers the chance to experiment with and adapt Helvetica's tone of voice. This consists of a hooked variation of the lowercase l (attending to a common problem that the capital I and lowercase l are identical) in addition to a rounded G, and a straight-legged R, a single floor a and a lowercase u without a tracking serif. In the past, designers needed to nudge, trim and contort the style to create trendy display-type lockups with Helvetica. Helvetica Now Show was created and spaced with those modifications in mind-saving effort and providing more consistent (and more trendy) results.

" Helvetica is the gold requirement,' says Monotype Type Director Charles Nix. "To utilize it is to claim that you are the ultimate expression of whatever your brand name aspires to be. Its blankness is its power."

The Helvetica Now family is available in 48 weights from Light Micro to Bonus Black Display, with matching italics. View the Helvetica Now User Guide PDF.

Font Family:
· Helvetica Now Text Thin
· Helvetica Now Text Thin Italic
· Helvetica Now Text ExtraLight
· Helvetica Now Text ExtraLight Italic
· Helvetica Now Text Light
· Helvetica Now Text Light Italic
· Helvetica Now Text Regular
· Helvetica Now Text Italic
· Helvetica Now Text Medium
· Helvetica Now Text Medium Italic
· Helvetica Now Text Bold
· Helvetica Now Text Bold Italic
· Helvetica Now Text ExtraBold
· Helvetica Now Text ExtraBold Italic
· Helvetica Now Text Black
· Helvetica Now Text Black Italic
· Helvetica Now Micro ExtraLight
· Helvetica Now Micro ExtraLight Italic
· Helvetica Now Micro Light
· Helvetica Now Micro Light Italic
· Helvetica Now Micro Regular
· Helvetica Now Micro Italic
· Helvetica Now Micro Medium
· Helvetica Now Micro Medium Italic
· Helvetica Now Micro Bold
· Helvetica Now Micro Bold Italic
· Helvetica Now Micro ExtraBold
· Helvetica Now Micro ExtraBold Italic
· Helvetica Now Display Hairline
· Helvetica Now Display Hairline Italic
· Helvetica Now Display Thin
· Helvetica Now Display Thin Italic
· Helvetica Now Display ExtraLight
· Helvetica Now Display ExtraLight Italic
· Helvetica Now Display Light
· Helvetica Now Display Light Italic
· Helvetica Now Display Regular
· Helvetica Now Display Italic
· Helvetica Now Display Medium
· Helvetica Now Display Medium Italic
· Helvetica Now Display Bold
· Helvetica Now Display Bold Italic
· Helvetica Now Display ExtraBold
· Helvetica Now Display ExtraBold Italic
· Helvetica Now Display Black
· Helvetica Now Display Black Italic
· Helvetica Now Display ExtraBlack
· Helvetica Now Display ExtraBlack Italic

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