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High Font

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HighDesigner: Gareth Hague
Publisher: Alias
High was developed by Gareth Hague and released by Alias. High contains 6 styles and household package choices. p > High is defined by a set of simple ideas, or constraints. A non-geometric, humanist shape. A monoline weight. Stencilled, with a horizontal or vertical cut just, the stencil gap constant- -so positioned where that is possible.

High's letter shapes, which because of the stencilling are free of awkward connections at curve-to-vertical, have a fluidity and simplicity. By separating the letter aspects, the stencilling makes the letters intriguing, graphic shapes, making decorative words.

High has 2 alternatives - High Bar, which is a direct serif, and High Ball - which has a circle-serif, like a ball terminal. The circle of HighBall recommends Didone typefaces, High Bar more utility, contemporary, piece serifs.

With High Bar, the vertical serifs are regularly sized and unusually long. The shape repeats - the c has same-size serifs leading and bottom, letters such as the f, j, r and y have slab serifs, the serifs and tittles of i and j the very same size. These dash-serifs make a direct pattern, and has the feeling of a kind of a code.

The ball terminal of High Ball gives a decorative result - a series of drifting, bouncing balls across words and text. The ball gadget is included leading and bottom of the c, the g, j and y to ensure balance and rhythm across words and text. Similar To High Bar, the repeating pattern give a codified look.

Font Family:
· High Bar Light
· High Bar Medium
· High Bar Bold
· High Ball Light
· High Ball Medium
· High Ball Bold

Tags: ball terminal, circle, graphic, linear, slab serif, stencil

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