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Hops And Barley Font

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Hops And BarleyDesigner: Emil Bertell
Publisher: Fenotype
Hops And Barley was designed by Emil Bertell and released by Fenotype. Hops And Barley contains 16 styles and family package choices. p > Hops And Barley - a Vintage Font Style Collection.

Hops And Barley consists of following:

t - t6 font styles - a textured and clean version of each

t - tCatchwords, textured and tidy version

t - tOrnaments, textured and tidy version

Hops And Barleys' core is 4 font designs. Typefaces are created in the very same proportions and they have the same soft edges so that they work terrific together. Here's a short intro to the fonts

t - tHops And Barley 1 -A Linked Script with Contextual, Swash, Stylistic and Titling Alternates

t - tHops And Barley 1b -A Vibrant version of Script

t - tHops And Barley 2 -A Serif vernacular Swash, Stylistic and Entitling Alternates

t - tHops And Barley 3 -A durable Sans Serif with a wide character.

t - tHops And Barley 3b -A Bold variation of Sans Serif

t - tHops And Barley 4 -A Condensed Sans Serif

t - tHops And Barley 5 -A set of 61 Catchwords

t - tHops And Barley 6 -A set of 71 Pictograms

Hops and Barley font styles have rugged summary and deteriorated texture inside the letters. Hops And Barley C stands for Tidy - they are a similar set of the designs but they include straight and tidy outlines and softened edges.

Hops and Barley typefaces work fantastic together or on their own. They're a great option for any display screen use and when paired they can cover the whole display screen part in any task from website to product packaging and from poster to logo.

Font Family:
· Hops And Barley 1 Regular
· Hops And Barley 1b
· Hops And Barley 2 Regular
· Hops And Barley 3 Regular
· Hops And Barley 3b
· Hops And Barley 4 Regular
· Hops And Barley 5 Regular
· Hops And Barley 6 Regular
· Hops And Barley Clean 1 Regular
· Hops And Barley Clean 1b
· Hops And Barley Clean 2 Regular
· Hops And Barley Clean 3 Regular
· Hops And Barley Clean 3b
· Hops And Barley Clean 4 Regular
· Hops And Barley Clean 5 Regular
· Hops And Barley Clean 6 Regular

Tags: catchwords, clean, collection, condensed, distressed, hipster, logos, mixed, ornamental, packaging, pictograms, poster, posters, retro, rough, sans serif, script, serif, swash, textured, toolkit, vd2019, vernacular, vintage, worn

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