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Hybrid Font

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HybridDesigner: Manvel Shmavonyan
Publisher: ParaType
Created by Manvel Shmavonyan, Hybrid is a serif font style family. This typeface has 8 styles and was published by ParaType.

Designed for ParaType in 1999-2003 by Manvel Shmavonyan. Low-contrasted Serif typeface has big x-height and small square cove serifs. For usage for text and display typography. Due to its open letterforms and big number of designs the face is an excellent buddy to open humanist Sans. Hybrid style was awarded special reward at Kyrillitsa '99 global type design competition.

Font Family:
· Hybrid Light
· Hybrid Light Italic
· Hybrid Medium
· Hybrid Medium Italic
· Hybrid Bold
· Hybrid Bold Italic
· Hybrid Extra Bold
· Hybrid Extra Bold Italic

Hybrid Font Preview
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