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Hydrargyrum Font

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HydrargyrumDesigner: Tucker Meyers
Publisher: Type Minds
Hydrargyrum was developed by Tucker Meyers and released by Type Minds. Hydrargyrum includes 12 styles and family bundle choices. p > Hydrargyrum is the Latin kind of a Greek word meaning 'liquid silver' - mercury. The Hydrargyrum typefaces are developed with attributes both of a metal and a liquid. The basic shapes of the letters are normally stiff and rectangular (particularly in design C), but the forms are improved by fluid curves and gently rounded corners. Hydrargyrum is not advised for usage at small sizes or in prolonged passages of text. It performs best in display-sized settings.

Hydrargyrum consists of three designs, each in medium and semibold weights with matching obliques. The A style includes strong, standard letterforms consisting of the two-story a and g. Style B substitutes the a, g, M, and N (and related glyphs consisting of numero and trademark symbols) for alternate shapes. The 3rd subfamily takes the rectangle-shaped theme to a severe, removing as numerous inclined strokes as possible from the letterforms. This makes some C-style letters unclear with one another, such as the U's and V's. As such, the C design is best used thoroughly even at larger sizes.

The Hydrargyrum fonts are style connected within each style subfamily with, for instance, Hydrargyrum A Medium as the regular style, Hydrargyrum A Medium Oblique as the italic, Hydrargyrum A SemiBold as the vibrant alternative, etc.

Font Family:
· Hydrargyrum A Medium
· Hydrargyrum A Medium Oblique
· Hydrargyrum A SemiBold
· Hydrargyrum A SemiBold Oblique
· Hydrargyrum B Medium
· Hydrargyrum B Medium Oblique
· Hydrargyrum B SemiBold
· Hydrargyrum B SemiBold Oblique
· Hydrargyrum C Medium
· Hydrargyrum C Medium Oblique
· Hydrargyrum C SemiBold
· Hydrargyrum C SemiBold Oblique

Tags: capital sharp s, rectangular, sans-serif, squarish, versal eszett

Hydrargyrum Font Preview

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