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Idiom Font

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IdiomPublisher: AE Type Inc.
Idiom is a stencil and art deco font style family. This typeface has 4 styles and was published by AE Type Inc.

Idiom is an extra-condensed, securely spaced display face with congruent forms radiating a strong sense of rhythm and elevation. The basic stenciled geometric shapes are similar to the decorative style found with P22 Albers and Futura Black. Careful consideration of each letter's building and construction, relative to all characters, provides Idiom a decided sense of cohesion and sophistication.

The consisted of non-traditional 'weights' (Medium and Bold) are totally blacked out, producing totally brand-new letterforms that show an extremely plain, contemporary sense.
Increasing the versatility of the Idiom household, a selection of OpenType features allow access to a set of contrasting linear punctuation kinds, unconventional ligatures, case-sensitive punctuation and more.

Features include:


Basic Ligature set consisting of 'f' ligatures (ae, oe, fi, fl, ff, fh, fj, feet, fa, ct, st, rt, ot, ta, sa, mi, si, vi, su, oc, oo, ru, ib)
Alternate characters (M, W, T, ß, _, $, @, (), , [],/,, |, -,--,--, +, -, ±, ≤, ≥,

, ", ", and more)
Case types (shifts different punctuation marks vertically to a position that works much better with all-capital sequences, in this case the characters or letters with ascenders)
Slashed no
Full set of numerators/denominators and superscript/subscript
Automatic portion feature (supports any fraction mix)
Extended language support (Latin-1 and Latin Extended-A)


* Needs an application with OpenType and/or Unicode support.

.Font Family:
· Idiom Light
· Idiom Regular
· Idiom Medium
· Idiom Bold

Idiom Font Preview
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