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IngyDingMCD Font

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IngyDingMCDDesigner: Robert Schenk
Designed by Robert Schenk, IngyDingMCD is a dingbat font style released by Ingrimayne Type.

This font style began as an attempt of draw options to the images of Microsoft's Wingdings, but then grew beyond that. This new version from late 2010 has more than 1400 characters, including almost all of the geometric shapes in unicode 2500 and 2B00 varieties, almost all of the arrows in the unicode 2100, 2700, 2900, and 2B00 varieties, nearly all of the dingbats and symbols in the unicode 2600 and 2700 ranges, a number of the photos, symbols, and emoticons in the 1F300 to 1F600 ranges, and a few of the various technical products in the 2300 range.

There are likewise images on the standard open type letters, the majority of which can be accessed from the keyboard. However, the majority of the characters in this typeface need to be accessed utilizing their unicode designation. In Windows this is done with the alt key and the unicode hex number. On the Macintosh the easiest way (and for the five digit unicode characters, possibly the only method) is to utilize the "Special Characters" window under the Edit Menu in the Finder.

A unicode index of the typeface is supplied in a pdf file that was produced utilizing FontLab. However, it just has four of the unicode digits for the five-digit components. Practically all of the unicode numbers starting with F ought to have a 1 in front of the F.

Font Family: Regular

IngyDingMCD Font Preview
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