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Inversion Font

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InversionDesigner: Ian Lynam
Publisher: Wordshape
Inversion was developed by Ian Lynam and published by Wordshape. Inversion consists of 1 style. p > Inversion is a display typeface that is based on an uncommon bit of lettering from a 1910 German lettering book.

What was the motivation for designing the typeface? I found the base lettering years back in a specimen and scanned it. I've utilized it perennially for various metal bands' logos, and finally chose to digitize it.

What are its main attributes and functions? It is a spidery little lettering that would work well in Harry Potter motion pictures or on album covers.

Usage recommendations: Show type for use in products that are suggested to have a hand-wrought appearance circa the turn of the century.

Font Family: Inversion

Tags: 1910, blackletter, black metal font, calligraphic, cathedral, david d'andrea, german, hardcore, harry potter, heavy metal, ian lyman, ian lynam, medieval, transitional, uncial, versals, woods

Inversion Font Preview

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