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Jackpot Font

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JackpotDesigner: Patrick Griffin
Publisher: Canada Type
Jackpot was developed by Patrick Griffin and released by Canada Type. Prize consists of 4 designs and household bundle options. p > What occurs when you blend a groovy hippy font concept (like Canada Type's Janice for circumstances) with a Western idea such as Playbill? You wind up with a groovy hippy western font, of course!

The idea is not new. It was quite common, but seldom used, in movie key in the 1960s and 1970s. It is nevertheless, as far as we can tell, distinct to digital type.

The concept for Jackpot came from an image type called Cooper Playbill, which as the name indicates was simply a westernized variation of Cooper Black. It is weird that the font designers of the 1980s and 1990s never ever found the tourist attraction of such a principle. We believe it's just magnificent and quite ideal for interacting special great American times and ideas.

The dish was simple: Follow Mr. Cooper's big fat hippy idea, cowboy it with heavy slabs, provide it true italics, then swash away at both for stunning mix. And there you have the bridge in between groovy and all-American. There you have the nation fan shaking hands with the rock-and-roll enthusiast. There you have your perfect replacement for the extremely worn-out Cooper Black.

We like to believe of Jackpot as 'extracurricular relations with a holster'. Please don't ask us what this indicates. We could barely explain it to ourselves. 8 years of age Benjamin thought the swashes we made looked extremely 'sweeping', like somebody using a broom, so we called them Jackpot Sweep rather of Prize Swash. Benjamin authorizes, we're hoping.

The Jackpot household is ideal for posters, signs, book covers, magazine advertisements, and a lot of other applications. If you're imaginative and know how to utilize your imagination, you have simply struck the Prize with this font style household. Open Type lovers ought to be really happy to know that the OT version of Jackpot comes in 2 fully-featured font styles, where the sweeps, alternates, ligatures, etcetera are stashed away in functions for activation at the click of a button.

Font Family:
· Jackpot
· Jackpot Italic
· Jackpot Sweep
· Jackpot Sweep Italic

Tags: 1920s, 1960s, 1970s, american, bottom-heavy, bulbous, comic, cool, decorative, funk, funny, headline, heavy, hippie, ligatures, music, natural, poster, round, rounded, serif, slab serif, soft, swash, swashes, wild west

Jackpot Font Preview

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