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Jazayeri Kufic Shoushtar Font

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Jazayeri Kufic ShoushtarDesigner: S.M.V. Mousavi Jazayeri
Publisher: Arabetics
Jazayeri Kufic Shoushtar was designed by S.M.V. Mousavi Jazayeri and published by Arabetics. Jazayeri Kufic Shoushtar consists of 1 design. p > The Jazayeri Kufic Shoushtar font style is a gorgeous typographic application of the decorative Kufic calligraphy engraved on the walls of the historic Grand Mosque of Shoushtar in southwestern Iran. This mosque contains numerous other engravings included in time for documentary purposes but its 4 huge Kufic inscriptions which are restored in this typeface are the most necessary ones to comprehend its style and significance. Integrated in the ninth century CE, this mosque is among the earliest hypostyle mosques in Iran. It was built in "the city of scholars" when its residents consisted of two fantastic Sufis, Sahl Ibn Abdullah Tostari and Mansur Hallaj. The designer and producer of the font style is Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri, a widely known Iranian master calligrapher, designer, scholar, and author. Mousavi Jazayeri has actually taken an individual interest in the Kufic script and devoted years to independent research, checking out historical places, historic buildings and cemeteries, mosques, libraries and museums to study the script through direct contact. He has established a systematic research study approach and published his findings in a number of books. His expert interest in script and calligraphy promoted his discovery of the historical approach for cutting the Kufic pen, which has actually had a direct influence on his own work, as seen in numerous favored exhibits and workshops. The historical research and accomplishments of Mousavi Jazayeri brought together the first worldwide group dedicated to the study and revival of the historic Kufic script operation through kuficpedia.com.

Font Family: Jazayeri Kufic Shoushtar

Tags: arabesque, arabic calligraphy, decorative kufic, islamic calligraphy, kufic, ornamental kufic, shoushtar, shushtar
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