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Kapra Neue Font

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Kapra NeuePublisher: Typoforge Studio
Kapra Neue was released by Typoforge Studio. Kapra Neue includes 48 designs and family package alternatives. The font style is presently # 40 in Best Sellers. p > Kapra Neue was the # 1 bestselling Grotesque Sans released in 2017 on MyFonts. Kapra Neue is a younger bro of Kapra. This new household has refreshed proportions, rounded corners, and a brand-new shape of glyphs. It is characterised by a vast array of instances-- 24 brand-new weights, from Thin Condensed to Black Expanded, permitting usage of the household in complicated methods, depending on the user's needs. Every instance features its italic variation. The typeface has a glyph set for latin script and old-style figures. Kapra Neue is inspired by a "You And Me Month-to-month" magazine, published by National Publications Publisher RSW 'Prasa" in Poland, from May 1960 till December 1973.

Font Family:
· Kapra Neue Thin
· Kapra Neue Thin Italic
· Kapra Neue Extra Light
· Kapra Neue Extra Light Italic
· Kapra Neue Light
· Kapra Neue Light Italic
· Kapra Neue Regular
· Kapra Neue Regular Italic
· Kapra Neue Medium
· Kapra Neue Medium Italic
· Kapra Neue Semi Bold
· Kapra Neue Semi Bold Italic
· Kapra Neue Bold
· Kapra Neue Bold Italic
· Kapra Neue Black
· Kapra Neue Black Italic
· Kapra Neue Thin Condensed
· Kapra Neue Thin Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Extra Light Condensed
· Kapra Neue Extra Light Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Light Condensed
· Kapra Neue Light Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Regular Condensed
· Kapra Neue Regular Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Medium Condensed
· Kapra Neue Medium Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Semi Bold Condensed
· Kapra Neue Semi Bold Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Bold Condensed
· Kapra Neue Bold Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Black Condensed
· Kapra Neue Black Condensed Italic
· Kapra Neue Thin Expanded
· Kapra Neue Thin Expanded Italic
· Kapra Neue Extra Light Expanded
· Kapra Neue Extra Light Expanded Italic
· Kapra Neue Light Expanded
· Kapra Neue Light Expanded Italic
· Kapra Neue Regular Expanded
· Kapra Neue Regular Expanded Italic
· Kapra Neue Medium Expanded
· Kapra Neue Medium Expanded Italic
· Kapra Neue Semi Bold Expanded
· Kapra Neue Semi Bold Expanded Italic
· Kapra Neue Bold Expanded
· Kapra Neue Bold Expanded Italic
· Kapra Neue Black Expanded
· Kapra Neue Black Expanded Italic

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