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Keep Calm Font

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Keep CalmPublisher: K-Type
Keep Calm is a sans serif font style household. This typeface has eight styles and was released by K-Type.

Keep Calm is a family of fonts established from the now famous World War 2 poster that was created in 1939 but never provided, then found in 2000. As well as the original Keep Calm font style, the Medium weight of the poster, three brand-new weights are offered - Book (regular), Heavy and Light. Version 2.0 (2017) is a thorough upgrade which includes numerous refinements and improvements throughout all weights. The family now includes a full complement of Latin Extended-A characters, Welsh diacritics, and Irish dotted consonants. The 4 italics have actually been optically remedied with revised, ‘‘ real italic' types of a and f.

The crown concept from the top of the Keep Calm poster lies at the plus minus ± and area § keystrokes (Alt 0177 and Alt 0167 on Windows). The lowercase g follows the Gill/Johnston spectacles model, however also included is an option, single-story g at the Alt G keystroke (Alt 0169 on a Windows keyboard), the regular place of the copyright symbol which has been moved somewhere else in the typefaces. An alternative lowercase t, without the curved wedge cutaway, is supplied at the Alt T (dagger) keystroke (Alt 0134 on Windows).


When I initially saw the Keep Calm and Continue poster, I wrongly assumed the letters to be Gill Sans. Although that influence appears, in the R especially, the lettering was clearly hand-drawn by a talented designer who, if the M's perfectly pointed vertex is anything to go by, was similarly soaked in the signage of the London Underground. The most anomalous character, the C, resembles that found in the Gotham typeface, and considered that Gotham's vernacular sources included the handmade, ‘‘ basic lettering' of engineers, perhaps that should not be surprising.


Developing the Keep Calm typeface has actually been an exercise in extrapolation; an appealing difficulty to construct an entire, high quality typeface household based upon the twelve readily available uppercase letters of the Keep one's cool poster, and on comparable lettering from the other 2 posters in the initial series. This has actually required the production of complementary lowercases that are believably 1939; that maintain the influence of Gill and Johnston while likewise hinting at the functional imperative of a wartime drawing office. The draughtsman was stabilizing instinctive, human qualities and the pure satisfaction of drawing sophisticated contemporary letters, against an underlying geometry of ruled lines, ideal circles, 45 ° terminals, and a requirement for no-nonsense clarity.

.Font Family:
· Keep Calm Light
· Keep Calm Light Italic
· Keep Calm Book
· Keep Calm Book Italic
· Keep Calm Medium
· Keep Calm Medium Italic
· Keep Calm Heavy
· Keep Calm Heavy Italic

Keep Calm Font Preview
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