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Kelpt Font

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KelptDesigner: Chatnarong Jingsuphatada
Publisher: Typesketchbook
Created by Chatnarong Jingsuphatada, Kelpt is a sans serif typeface family. This typeface has fifty-four designs and was released by Typesketchbook.

Kelpt typeface is an additional big super household of 54 font styles! Kelpt has such a big abundance of contrast, designs, weights, X-Hight. Typesketchbook includes a very usable, clean and modern-day sans typeface with rounded corner. The font style looks tidy and geometric but it's created with unusual stylistic functions to give the Kelpt font a special and special touch. The complete Kelpt type household consists of 9 weights with italic and X-Hight (A1-A3) variations for each of them all in all 54 font styles for a multifunctional use, specifically for cooperative work, such as website, magazine, editorial, publishing, in addition to packaging.

Font Family:
· Kelpt A1 Thin
· Kelpt A1 Thin Italic
· Kelpt A1 Extra Light
· Kelpt A1 Extra Light Italic
· Kelpt A1 Light
· Kelpt A1 Light Italic
· Kelpt A1 Semi Light
· Kelpt A1 Semi Light Italic
· Kelpt A1 Regular
· Kelpt A1 Italic
· Kelpt A1 Medium
· Kelpt A1 Medium Italic
· Kelpt A1 Bold
· Kelpt A1 Bold Italic
· Kelpt A1 Extra Bold
· Kelpt A1 Extra Bold Italic
· Kelpt A1 Black
· Kelpt A1 Black Italic
· Kelpt A2 Thin
· Kelpt A2 Thin Italic
· Kelpt A2 Extra Light
· Kelpt A2 Extra Light Italic
· Kelpt A2 Light
· Kelpt A2 Light Italic
· Kelpt A2 Semi Light
· Kelpt A2 Semi Light Italic
· Kelpt A2 Regular
· Kelpt A2 Italic
· Kelpt A2 Medium
· Kelpt A2 Medium Italic
· Kelpt A2 Bold
· Kelpt A2 Bold Italic
· Kelpt A2 Extra Bold
· Kelpt A2 Extra Bold Italic
· Kelpt A2 Black
· Kelpt A2 Black Italic
· Kelpt A3 Thin
· Kelpt A3 Thin Italic
· Kelpt A3 Extra Light
· Kelpt A3 Extra Light Italic
· Kelpt A3 Light
· Kelpt A3 Light Italic
· Kelpt A3 Semi Light
· Kelpt A3 Semi Light Italic
· Kelpt A3 Regular
· Kelpt A3 Italic
· Kelpt A3 Medium
· Kelpt A3 Medium Italic
· Kelpt A3 Bold
· Kelpt A3 Bold Italic
· Kelpt A3 Extra Bold
· Kelpt A3 Extra Bold Italic
· Kelpt A3 Black
· Kelpt A3 Black Italic

Kelpt Font Preview
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