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Klik Font

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KlikDesigners: Emil Bertell, Erik Bertell, Teo Tuominen
Publisher: Fenotype
Klik was designed by Emil Bertell, Erik Bertell, Teo Tuominen and released by Fenotype. Klik includes 48 designs and household package options. p >

Klik is a universal sans serif family-- tidy and ageless. Both renowned and clear, Klik is matched to cover numerous requirements from brand identities to editorial style, advertising, logo designs and beyond. Cyrillic characters are featured and a broad variety of languages is supported. OpenType functions are abundant-- from built-in little capitals to different character styles (direct and old design; tabular and proportional, subscript and superscript).

Klik can be found in 3 widths-- each including 8 weights and corresponding italics.

Font Family:
· Klik Thin
· Klik Thin Italic
· Klik Extralight
· Klik Extralight Italic
· Klik Light
· Klik Light Italic
· Klik Regular
· Klik Regular Italic
· Klik Medium
· Klik Medium Italic
· Klik Bold
· Klik Bold Italic
· Klik Extra Bold
· Klik Extra Bold Italic
· Klik Black
· Klik Black Italic
· Klik Thin Condensed
· Klik Thin Condensed Italic
· Klik Extra Light Condensed
· Klik Extra Light Condensed Italic
· Klik Light Condensed
· Klik Light Condensed Italic
· Klik Condensed
· Klik Condensed Italic
· Klik Medium Condensed
· Klik Medium Condensed Italic
· Klik Bold Condensed
· Klik Bold Condensed Italic
· Klik Extra Bold Condensed
· Klik Extra Bold Condensed Italic
· Klik Black Condensed
· Klik Black Condensed Italic
· Klik Thin Narrow
· Klik Thin Narrow Italic
· Klik Extra Light Narrow
· Klik Extra Light Narrow Italic
· Klik Light Narrow
· Klik Light Narrow Italic
· Klik Narrow
· Klik Narrow Italic
· Klik Medium Narrow
· Klik Medium Narrow Italic
· Klik Bold Narrow
· Klik Bold Narrow Italic
· Klik Extra Bold Narrow
· Klik Extra Bold Narrow Italic
· Klik Black Narrow
· Klik Black Narrow Italic

Tags: advertising, avant garde, avenir, bauhaus, circle, clean, click, condensed, contemporary, cool, cyrillic, design, display, editorial, elegant, futura, geometric, gotham, gothic, grotesk, grotesque, modern, narrow, opentype, packaging, sans, sans serif, space, super, swiss, width

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