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Kyhota Font

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KyhotaDesigner: Robert Schenk
Publisher: Ingrimayne Type
Kyhota was created by Robert Schenk and released by Ingrimayne Type. Kyhota consists of 6 styles and household bundle alternatives. p > The 6 typefaces of the Kyhota group all have an "Old West" seek to them. KyhotaOne has extremely thick slab serifs compared to KyhotaTwo. KyhotaBarbed is more condensed than either and has little barbs on the verticals, something that was a feature of a variety of nineteenth century typefaces in this style. KyhotaFezdaz is condensed, without barbs, and with the piece serifs replaced with a flare serif. KyhotaBigBottom and KyhotaBigTop have fun with the weighting of the serifs, with one (either leading or bottom) extremely thin and the other very thick.

Font Family:
· Kyhota Barbed
· Kyhota One
· Kyhota Two
· Kyhota Big Bottom
· Kyhota Big Top
· Kyhota Fezdaz

Tags: 1800s, ancient, cowboy, decorative, french clarendon, poster, reverse contrast, serif, slab serif, wanted poster, wild west

Kyhota Font Preview
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