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Kyoto Northern Font

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Kyoto NorthernDesigner: Muhammad Ridha Agusni
Publisher: 38-lineart
Kyoto Northern was designed by Muhammad Ridha Agusni and published by 38-lineart. Kyoto Northern consists of 1 style. p > Kyoto Northern is an excellent choice for a brand identity, appropriate for packaging, web banners, headlines and business cards, really distinct and natural.

This typeface is handwritten using a marker pen, equipped with a ligature following the practice of writing quickly, so you can feel the experience of handwriting which is extremely natural.

When you write in a relaxed and calm state, your writing will look extremely excellent and the writing flows well.

Kyoto is the name of the city that we selected as a representative of calm and natural.

Type and feel the fantastic handwriting.

Font Family: Kyoto Northern Regular

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