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Legendary Legerdemain Font

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Legendary LegerdemainDesigner: John Roshell
Publisher: Comicraft
Designed by John Roshell, Legendary Legerdemain is a comic and hand drawn font style family. This typeface has 4 designs and was released by Comicraft.

Are you viewing carefully? We know what you're searching for—— the trick. Comicraft's magic formula, our Legendary Legerdemain. However you won't discover it because of course, you're not actually looking. You do not truly desire to work it out. You wish to think in the magic.

Every fantastic Comicraft font style includes 3 parts. The first part is called "The Promise". Comicraft shows you an ordinary looking font style: A through Z, nothing more than the letters of the alphabet, unaltered, regular. However naturally… … they aren't. The 2nd part is called "The Turn". Comicraft takes the common letters of the alphabet and makes them look remarkable. Now you are peering carefully—— you encourage yourself you're looking for the secret… … although you truly do not wish to know. You wish to be fooled. And you are! However don't applaud yet. Due to the fact that making something remarkable isn't sufficient……


That's why every Comicraft font style has a 3rd part, the hardest part, what we call "The Status". That'‘‘ s when we have to OFFER the typeface. And that's the genuine trick.

.Font Family:
· Legendary Legerdemain Regular
· Legendary Legerdemain Italic
· Legendary Legerdemain Bold
· Legendary Legerdemain Bold Italic

Legendary Legerdemain Font Preview
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