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LiebeGerda Font

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LiebeGerdaPublisher: LiebeFonts
LiebeGerda is a brush script font household. This typeface has four styles and was released by LiebeFonts.

Go out into the wilderness. Reduce a tree. Stop and smell the roses. And after that treat yourself with this unplugged, hand-lettered typeface.

LiebeGerda is an effortless-but-refined, spontaneous-but-elegant brush font. She is all set for your next project, and she wishes to include that little crafty something that makes the difference. Her natural breath of fresh air lets you escape those same old monotonous script fonts you've been using.

After our effective first brush typeface, LiebeDoris, and our first interconnected script, LiebeLotte, we're integrating both genres and taking them to the next level: an interconnected brush script.
OpenType magic differs LiebeGerda's letterforms: Many characters have no less than three various variations that are automatically mixed and placed as you type. Plus, the "All-Caps" OpenType feature exchanges uppercase letters with less-swashy variants. Now you know why every one of the four styles contains more than 1,200 characters!

Ulrike of LiebeFonts painted LiebeGerda's 4 designs separately from scratch and thoroughly changed every information by hand. Instead of being one typeface with various weights, LiebeGerda is a plan of 4 private typefaces that go together actually well. Ulrike's high level of type-nerdy workmanship shows. When you utilize LiebeGerda, your styles will easily convince your audience that they're taking a look at a hand-crafted piece of lettering. Feel complimentary to add a few of the stacked ligatures like "the", "for", and "new" to round off the illusion.

Last but not least, LiebeGerda has a lot more information than many other brush fonts. That implies there's no ugly, lazy b├ęzier artifacts in the brush traces. You can print words at billboard size, and people will still believe they smell the paint from your brush!

Font Family:
· LiebeGerda Regular
· LiebeGerda Italic
· LiebeGerda Bold
· LiebeGerda Bold Italic

LiebeGerda Font Preview
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