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Lipa Agate Font

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Lipa AgateDesigner: Ermin Međedović
Publisher: TypeTogether
Lipa Agate was developed by Ermin Međedović and published by TypeTogether. Lipa Agate contains 24 styles and household package choices. p > Lipa is the name of the Slovenian national tree 'Linden'. The typeface Lipa Agate by Croatian designer Ermin Međedović, becomes part of a larger type collection, comprising numerous type groups into one coherent system which Ermin developed over the past 10 years. Lipa Agate is the first to be released; a sans serif created and engineered to be used in the tiniest text sizes, best under 10pt, and in extremely bad printing conditions. It is perfect for telephone directory, classified advertisements, directory sites or any other job needing economy without jeopardising legibility. To attain this, Lipa Agate utilizes a series of tools, such as deep ink-traps, narrow percentages and a high x-height.

Contemporary editorial style needs a high amount of versatility to react to numerous design scenarios in a consistent style. Lipa Agate - with its 3 levels of condensation, 4 weights and 2 sets of various x-heights, 'High' and 'Low', which share the very same width - satisfies these requirements incredibly. That's an overall of 24 fonts! To make this clean and honest workhorse face complete, its large character set likewise includes little caps, arrows, info-numerals and much more.

Font Family:
· Lipa Agate High Light
· Lipa Agate High
· Lipa Agate High Medium
· Lipa Agate High Bold
· Lipa Agate High Nar Light
· Lipa Agate High Nar
· Lipa Agate High Nar Medium
· Lipa Agate High Nar Bold
· Lipa Agate High Cnd Light
· Lipa Agate High Cnd
· Lipa Agate High Cnd Medium
· Lipa Agate High Cnd Bold
· Lipa Agate Low Light
· Lipa Agate Low
· Lipa Agate Low Medium
· Lipa Agate Low Bold
· Lipa Agate Low Nar Light
· Lipa Agate Low Nar
· Lipa Agate Low Nar Medium
· Lipa Agate Low Nar Bold
· Lipa Agate Low Cnd Light
· Lipa Agate Low Cnd
· Lipa Agate Low Cnd Medium
· Lipa Agate Low Cnd Bold

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Lipa Agate Font Preview

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