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LTC Creepy Ornaments Font

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LTC Creepy OrnamentsPublisher: Lanston Type Company
LTC Creepy Ornaments was released by Lanston Type Company. LTC Creepy Ornaments includes 1 design. p > In researching historical decorative material offered by Lanston Monotype as well as other metal foundries such as Barnhart Brothers and Spindler, there were occasionally ornaments that defied description. Possibly it was a Victorian sense of humor or someone truly thought these were a great idea or possibly popular taste has actually simply altered so much over the last a century, or our forbearers were completely ridiculous.

In any case, LTC is rather proud to provide a collection of the most strange, disturbing and confusing printers ornaments we might discover. Along with mutant fowl-children and frolicsome amphibians, there are likewise Masonic and other secret fraternal symbols that may not be weird to everyone, however just enough to be reasonably troubling.

Font Family: LTC Creepy Ornaments

Tags: alligator, animal, bat, bones, crazy, crocodile, dentures, dragon, envelope, evil, face, frog, glasses, halloween, jester, mask, masonic, moonphases, non-alphabetic, pentagram, picture, santaclaus, sinister, skeleton, turtle, water, weird

LTC Creepy Ornaments Font Preview

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