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Lyra Font

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LyraDesigner: Philip Bouwsma
Publisher: Canada Type
Created by Philip Bouwsma, Lyra is a dingbat, historical and brush script typeface family. This typeface has 4 designs and was published by Canada Type.

Lyra is an Italian Renaissance script that may have established if metal type had actually not broken the development of broad pen calligraphy. It depends on the area in between the humanist bookhand and the chancery cursive, combining the fullness and expression of the Roman letters with a moderate italic slant and condensation. A high pen-angle permits usage of a broader pen relative to the x-height, offering the letters more contrast with light verticals and heavy curves. Lyra embodies the Renaissance spirit of refining technical advances of the late middle ages with reintroduction of ancient classical principles. Based upon the moving penstroke with continuously changing pen-angle, it brings the vitality of handwriting to the bought legibility of type.

Lyra is a formal italic, too slow for copying books. By removing the element of speed, digital innovation opens up a new level of calligraphy, bringing it into the sphere of typography as would naturally have taken place if metalworkers had not managed the procedure. If classical Western customs are respected, digital calligraphy has the possible to recapture the work of the past and reboot its stalled development. There is obviously no replacement for the appeal of real writing, with each letter made for its space; but the tradeoff is for the formal harmony of classical calligraphy as every curve resonates in tune with every other.

This three-weight font household marks Philip Bouwsma's much-requested return from a 3 year hiatus. It likewise reminds us of his strong vision in regards to how calligraphy, typography and technology can communicate to produce digital appeal and vesatility. Each of the three Lyra fonts consists of almost 3 character sets in a file. Aside from the typical wealth of alternates usually developed into Bouwsma's work, Lyra uses 2 distinct functions for the user who appreciates the schedule of helpful solutions to subtle design area problems: A minimum of three (and as many as six) length variations on ascending and coming down kinds, and 65 snap-on swashes which can be connected to either end of the majuscules or minuscules. The series also uses 24 dividers and accessories constructed into each weight, and a stand-alone typeface containing 90 stars/snowflakes/flowers, symmetric contstructs for constructing frames or separators, masking, watermarking, or just good old psychedelia.

Font Family:
· Lyra Regular
· Lyra Medium
· Lyra Bold
· Lyra Stars

Lyra Font Preview
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