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Mad Scientist Font

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Mad ScientistDesigner: John Roshell
Designed by John Roshell, Mad Researcher is a comic font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Comicraft.

Working on The Lab late one night, evil comic book genius Scott Christian Sava understood there was something missing out on from his graphic experiment! No, not slugs and snails or puppydogs' tails, nor sugar, spice, whatever nice and formula ‘‘ X' ... No, what his dubious plan was missing were the real numbers and letters with which he might complete his equation! BRILLIANT! What he required was something antiseptically clean and readable, even at little sizes for megalomanical rambling along with the 5 point type under the Bio-Hazard logo that no one actually reads, and yet also bouncy and energetic enough for the unavoidable sound impacts that might follow exclamations such as: "IT'S ALIVE!" or "IT JUST-MIGHT-WORK!"


Two typefaces (Regular & & Bold) with Alternate Characters


Thanks to those awfully nice chaps at Comicraft, MadScientist is now available to wicked geniuses everywhere, and ensured Lab evaluated. *


* On reanimated people reconstituted from bones and natural body parts and organs from regional charnal houses. No animals or small children were harmed throughout the creation and use of this typeface. Well, not yet, anyway.

.Font Family:
· Regular
· Bold

Mad Scientist Font Preview
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