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Madison Ave. Font

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Madison Ave.Designer: Wilson Thomas
Publisher: Funk King
Madison Ave. was created by Wilson Thomas and released by Funk King. Madison Ave. contains 12 styles and family package choices. p > The Madison Ave. family began from Madison Ave. at Fontstruct.com. As my most downloaded font, this was a simple, although not always logical choice to make-- relating to taking an existing complimentary font style and trying to use it for purchase. The typeface is extremely basic and simple in its design, however has actually attained appeal over at Dafont with almost 80,000 downloads with its cool, understated nature and inherent sophistication. The original Madison Ave. is now 95 Madison Ave. A couple of glyphs have altered from the initial, however mostly the set is the same.

The big news here is the schedule of several variations on the initial. Ninety-five refers to the filter settings used to accomplish the faint cross lines in the font style. The series 95-100 supplies a gradual fade to solid impact when used together. The other versions utilize variations on the filter settings that permit each its own unique taste, while at the very same time keeping intrinsic qualities of the original. Ninety-five is now signed up with by 55, 75, 97, 99, 100, 102, 105, 155, 175, 201, 202, and 275.

100 is the solid variation which does not contain the trademark lines found in 95. In 95-99, the line width varies to accomplish subtle impacts. 50 and 85 are misshaped by minimizing the filter settings in a rather reducing style. In 102-205, these are misshaped by increasing the filter settings above the regular which is what 100 represents. While a few of the impacts are extreme and challenge the legibility of text, these can be enjoyable or edgy. They use a cohesion that can be utilized to advantage for various projects that need using a modern font household.

Font Family:
· 75 Madison Ave
· .95 Madison Ave
· .97 Madison Ave
· .99 Madison Ave
· .100 Madison Ave
· .102 Madison Ave
· .105 Madison Ave
· .155 Madison Ave
· .175 Madison Ave
· .201 Madison Ave
· .202 Madison Ave
· .275 Madison Ave

Tags: advertising, contemporary, display, modern, retro, sophisticated, vintage

Madison Ave. Font Preview

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