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Madurai Slab Font

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Madurai SlabDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Madurai Piece was designed by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. Madurai Piece includes 54 designs and household package options. p > Chennai's market-tested type styles have actually taken new kind when again. The geometric forms of Chennai and its derivant Madurai, both successful in web-based applications and logotypes, have actually now been adjusted for the superfamily Madurai Piece, a powerful, square slab serif suitable for headlines and posters.

Under the surface of Madurai Piece's simple geometric structure, the typeface's overstated vertical serifs supply the confront with an additional chunk that commands the reader's attention and offers the typeface more effect in its much heavier styles. The extra-fortified types are anything however tedious, though. The bolder structure of the slab is instead rational, diligently thought-out, with minimally contrasting strokes, making the sturdier appearance particularly readable in shorter textual content blocks.

This kid of Madurai consists of a comprehensive series of nine weights-- slim to black-- and features condensed and extender choices for a total set of fifty-four font styles. All users of the Madurai Piece collection can access numerous OpenType alternates. Madurai Piece is furnished for experienced typographers, together with alternates, compact caps and lots of alts like "normalized" capitals and lowercase letters that include stems. The typeface also consists of a series of character sets, together with portions, old-style and lining figures with superiors and inferiors. OpenType-capable programs consisting of Quark or the Adobe suite permit quick modifications to ligatures and alternates. Sneak peeks of these options can be discovered in the.pdf brochure.

Madurai Piece also features the glyphs to make it possible for all Central, Eastern and Western European languages. In all, Madurai Slab supports around forty languages that use the extended Latin script, making it an outstanding alternative for multi-lingual publications and packaging. This richness of alternatives makes this the very best slab serif family for sites along with for print, movement graphics, logos, tee shirts and so forth.

Madurai Slab is a fantastic choice when trying to find a Neo-Grotesque piece serif font. In the hands of a discovered designer, this new slab uses the potential for stunning and well-blended designs. With its widths adapting to compact and extended material blocks, this typeface is best for the headings, captions and other brief, instant messages that you require to drive your message house.

Font Family:
· Madurai Slab Thin
· Madurai Slab Thin Italic
· Madurai Slab Light
· Madurai Slab Light Italic
· Madurai Slab Book
· Madurai Slab Book Italic
· Madurai Slab
· Madurai Slab Italic
· Madurai Slab Medium
· Madurai Slab Medium Italic
· Madurai Slab Demi
· Madurai Slab Demi Italic
· Madurai Slab Bold
· Madurai Slab Bold Italic
· Madurai Slab ExtraBold
· Madurai Slab ExtraBold Italic
· Madurai Slab Black
· Madurai Slab Black Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Thin
· Madurai Slab Cond Thin Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Light
· Madurai Slab Cond Light Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Book
· Madurai Slab Cond Book Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Regular
· Madurai Slab Cond Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Medium
· Madurai Slab Cond Medium Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Demi
· Madurai Slab Cond Demi Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Bold
· Madurai Slab Cond Bold Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond ExtraBold
· Madurai Slab Cond ExtraBold Italic
· Madurai Slab Cond Black
· Madurai Slab Cond Black Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Thin
· Madurai Slab Ext Thin Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Light
· Madurai Slab Ext Light Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Book
· Madurai Slab Ext Book Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Regular
· Madurai Slab Ext Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Demi
· Madurai Slab Ext Demi Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Medium
· Madurai Slab Ext Medium Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Bold
· Madurai Slab Ext Bold Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext ExtraBold
· Madurai Slab Ext ExtraBold Italic
· Madurai Slab Ext Black
· Madurai Slab Ext Black Italic

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Madurai Slab Font Preview

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