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Mandrel Font

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MandrelPublisher: Insigne Design
Mandrel is a serif font household. This typeface has fifty-four styles and was published by Insigne Design.

From the world of insigne, a brand-new family has actually risen. By name, Mandrel. Courtly in character and sophisticated in appearance, the face finds great favor amongst those with whom it looks for audience. With confident air, Mandrel brings itself with dignity before each set of eyes, never ever failing or stumbling in its refined step.

But while dressed with gentility, this classy household is not faint of heart when challenged. Crafted well for high-impact resistance, Mandrel actions boldly and prominently into the arena of the reader's eye, boasting its tall x-heights, high contrast, confident bends, and sharp serifs. Skillfully, it wields its sharp serif endings, cutting promptly through opponents' crude mess, which defends the reader's attention.

From Thin to Black, nine weights and their matching italics comprise this worthy household. Mandrel in addition consists of a plentiful treasury of OpenType variables to decorate your text. Ligatures, old-style figures, and stylistic sets are readily available to accompany the family's 500 glyphs and its assistance for more than 70 languages.

Raise your cup to this brand-new Mandrel! With strong serifs and high contrast, you'll discover this champ prepared to take up your difficulty in many a test ahead.

Font Family:
· Mandrel Thin
· Mandrel Thin Italic
· Mandrel Light
· Mandrel Light Italic
· Mandrel Book
· Mandrel Book Italic
· Mandrel Regular
· Mandrel Italic
· Mandrel Medium
· Mandrel Medium Italic
· Mandrel Demi
· Mandrel Demi Italic
· Mandrel Bold
· Mandrel Bold Italic
· Mandrel Extra Bold
· Mandrel Extra Bold Italic
· Mandrel Black
· Mandrel Black Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Thin
· Mandrel Condensed Thin Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Light
· Mandrel Condensed Light Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Book
· Mandrel Condensed Book Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Regular
· Mandrel Condensed Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Medium
· Mandrel Condensed Medium Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Demi
· Mandrel Condensed Demi Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Bold
· Mandrel Condensed Bold Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Extra Bold
· Mandrel Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Mandrel Condensed Black
· Mandrel Condensed Black Italic
· Mandrel Extended Thin
· Mandrel Extended Thin Italic
· Mandrel Extended Light
· Mandrel Extended Light Italic
· Mandrel Extended Book
· Mandrel Extended Book Italic
· Mandrel Extended Regular
· Mandrel Extended Italic
· Mandrel Extended Medium
· Mandrel Extended Medium Italic
· Mandrel Extended Demi
· Mandrel Extended Demi Italic
· Mandrel Extended Bold
· Mandrel Extended Bold Italic
· Mandrel Extended Extra Bold
· Mandrel Extended Extra Bold Italic
· Mandrel Extended Black
· Mandrel Extended Black Italic

Mandrel Font Preview
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