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Manual Font

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ManualDesigner: Dan Jones
Publisher: TypeUnion
Designed by Dan Jones, Manual is a display sans font family. This typeface has eighty styles and was published by TypeUnion.

Manual is an 80 font super family formed of 10 weights in 4 different widths. The font is styled with a slight retro feel to give it a unique appearance. Manual is a blue-collar font that works hard for you and your design ideas.

The higher x-height enhances the readability for smaller, more informative text sizes whereas the black weights create beautiful, impactful headlines to fit a variety of spaces. The support of the expansive weights and widths will give your design a truly unique feel.

Font Family:
· Manual Compressed Hairline
· Manual Compressed Hairline Italic
· Manual Compressed Thin
· Manual Compressed Thin Italic
· Manual Compressed Extra Light
· Manual Compressed Extra Light Italic
· Manual Compressed Ultra Light
· Manual Compressed Ultra Light Italic
· Manual Compressed Light
· Manual Compressed Light Italic
· Manual Compressed
· Manual Compressed Italic
· Manual Compressed Medium
· Manual Compressed Medium Italic
· Manual Compressed Bold
· Manual Compressed Bold Italic
· Manual Compressed Extra Bold
· Manual Compressed Extra Bold Italic
· Manual Compressed Black
· Manual Compressed Black Italic
· Manual Condensed Hairline
· Manual Condensed Hairline Italic
· Manual Condensed Thin
· Manual Condensed Thin Italic
· Manual Condensed Extra Light
· Manual Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Manual Condensed Ultra Light
· Manual Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Manual Condensed Light
· Manual Condensed Light Italic
· Manual Condensed
· Manual Condensed Italic
· Manual Condensed Medium
· Manual Condensed Medium Italic
· Manual Condensed Bold
· Manual Condensed Bold Italic
· Manual Condensed Extra Bold
· Manual Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Manual Condensed Black
· Manual Condensed Black Italic
· Manual Hairline
· Manual Hairline Italic
· Manual Thin
· Manual Thin Italic
· Manual Extra Light
· Manual Extra Light Italic
· Manual Ultra Light
· Manual Ultra Light Italic
· Manual Light
· Manual Light Italic
· Manual Regular
· Manual Italic
· Manual Medium
· Manual Medium Italic
· Manual Bold
· Manual Bold Italic
· Manual Extra Bold
· Manual Extra Bold Italic
· Manual Black
· Manual Black Italic
· Manual Expanded Hairline
· Manual Expanded Hairline Italic
· Manual Expanded Thin
· Manual Expanded Thin Italic
· Manual Expanded Extra Light
· Manual Expanded Extra Light Italic
· Manual Expanded Ultra Light
· Manual Expanded Ultra Light Italic
· Manual Expanded Light
· Manual Expanded Light Italic
· Manual Expanded
· Manual Expanded Italic
· Manual Expanded Medium
· Manual Expanded Medium Italic
· Manual Expanded Bold
· Manual Expanded Bold Italic
· Manual Expanded Extra Bold
· Manual Expanded Extra Bold Italic
· Manual Expanded Black
· Manual Expanded Black Italic

Manual Font Preview
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