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Mastro Font

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MastroDesigner: Natanael Gama
Created by Natanael Gama, Mastro is a serif font style household. This typeface has seventy-two designs and was published by Ndiscover.

Mastro is a modern style consisting of 72 designs. With 9 weights and 4 optical sizes: Caption, Text, Sub-head and Show. An incredibly flexible font style family ideal for editorial, graphic style, branding and web. Filled with iconic uncommon shapes, yet with an incredibly rigorous expert look this style will stick out and work efficiently. Caption designs are indicated for very small text like footnotes; Text designs are suggested for long strings of text; Subhead designs are indicated for sub-headlines; Show designs are suggested for plus size type setting.
Mastro has lots of OpenType features such as Small Caps, Requirement and Discretionary Ligatures, Superscript Letters, Case Sensitive Forms, Lining Figures, Old Style Figures, Tabular and Proportional Numbers, and more.
If you want to enlarge this font style family ensure you get its sans counterpart: Mastro Sans.

Font Family:
· Caption Extra Light
· Display Extra Light
· Sub Head Extra Light
· Text Extra Light
· Caption Extra Light Italic
· Display Extra Light Italic
· Sub Head Extra Light Italic
· Text Extra Light Italic
· Caption Light
· Display Light
· Sub Head Light
· Text Light
· Caption Light Italic
· Display Light Italic
· Sub Head Light Italic
· Text Light Italic
· Caption Book
· Display Book
· Sub Head Book
· Text Book
· Caption Book Italic
· Display Book Italic
· Sub Head Book Italic
· Text Book Italic
· Caption Regular
· Display Regular
· Sub Head Regular
· Text Regular
· Caption Regular Italic
· Display Regular Italic
· Sub Head Regular Italic
· Text Regular Italic
· Caption Medium
· Display Medium
· Sub Head Medium
· Text Medium
· Caption Medium Italic
· Display Medium Italic
· Sub Head Medium Italic
· Text Medium Italic
· Caption Semi Bold
· Display Semi Bold
· Sub Head Semi Bold
· Text Semi Bold
· Caption Semi Bold Italic
· Display Semi Bold Italic
· Sub Head Semi Bold Italic
· Text Semi Bold Italic
· Caption Bold
· Display Bold
· Sub Head Bold
· Text Bold
· Caption Bold Italic
· Display Bold Italic
· Sub Head Bold Italic
· Text Bold Italic
· Caption Extra Bold
· Display Extra Bold
· Sub Head Extra Bold
· Text Extra Bold
· Caption Extra Bold Italic
· Display Extra Bold Italic
· Sub Head Extra Bold Italic
· Text Extra Bold Italic
· Caption Black
· Display Black
· Sub Head Black
· Text Black
· Caption Black Italic
· Display Black Italic
· Sub Head Black Italic
· Text Black Italic

Mastro Font Preview
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