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Mavel Font

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MavelDesigner: Serdar Öztürk
Publisher: Arodora Type
Mavel was designed by Serdar Öztürk and published by Arodora Type. Mavel contains 48 styles and family package options. The font is currently #45 in Hot New Fonts. p>PHTMLMavel is a large font family where you can find simplicity and elegance together. With this font, you can create impressive presentations and increase their contrast by using sub-family members. You can create unique looking layouts and banners. The luxury logo will look great for your work.PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLApart from its wide family, this aesthetic font offers you alternative characters, ligatures and many more usage features.PCHTML

Font Family:
· Mavel Light
· Mavel Light Italic
· Mavel Regular
· Mavel Italic
· Mavel Medium
· Mavel Medium Italic
· Mavel Semi Bold
· Mavel Semi Bold Italic
· Mavel Bold
· Mavel Bold Italic
· Mavel Extra Bold
· Mavel Extra Bold Italic
· Mavel Black
· Mavel Black Italic
· Mavel Extra Black
· Mavel Extra Black Italic
· Mavel Poster Light
· Mavel Poster Light Italic
· Mavel Poster Regular
· Mavel Poster Italic
· Mavel Poster Medium
· Mavel Poster Medium Italic
· Mavel Poster Semi Bold
· Mavel Poster Semi Bold Italic
· Mavel Poster Bold
· Mavel Poster Bold Italic
· Mavel Poster Extra Bold
· Mavel Poster Extra Bold Italic
· Mavel Poster Black
· Mavel Poster Black Italic
· Mavel Poster Extra Black
· Mavel Poster Extra Black Italic
· Mavel Text Light
· Mavel Text Light Italic
· Mavel Text Regular
· Mavel Text Italic
· Mavel Text Medium
· Mavel Text Medium Italic
· Mavel Text Semi Bold
· Mavel Text Semi Bold Italic
· Mavel Text Bold
· Mavel Text Bold Italic
· Mavel Text Extra Bold
· Mavel Text Extra Bold Italic
· Mavel Text Black
· Mavel Text Black Italic
· Mavel Text Extra Black
· Mavel Text Extra Black Italic

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