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Meanwhile Uncial Font

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Meanwhile UncialDesigner: John Roshell
Publisher: Comicraft
On the other hand Uncial was created by John Roshell and released by Comicraft. On the other hand Uncial includes 4 designs and household package choices. p > Aye! Verily 'twould appear't is time for thee to speak in the majuscule language of legendary gods! Yea, thou shalt speak most eloquently in the style and way of many a pseudo-Shakespearian Bard. Forsooth, thine utterances such as "HAVE AT THEE, VILE VILLAIN!" will trigger all ye creatures of evil to begone from the hallowed halls of Asgard (or other transcendent domains of the gods).

Forsooth, Meanwhile Uncial is a Capital Typeface, suitable for Gods of Thunder, Mischief or e' en Warriors Three!

Meanwhile Uncial contains alternate uppercase characters, auto-ligatures for a more natural, hand-drawn appearance, and Comicraft's magical Crossbar I Innovation, to keep that Mighty Character in its proper place.

( Artwork from ELEPHANTMEN # 32 by Richard Starkings & & Axel Medellin, available on Comixology)

Font Family:
· Meanwhile Uncial Regular
· Meanwhile Uncial Italic
· Meanwhile Uncial Bold
· Meanwhile Uncial Bold Italic

Tags: calligraphic, calligraphy, comic, comic book, comic book lettering, comics, comic text, cyrillic, cyrillics, fantasy, knight, knights, thor, uncial

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