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Mercator Font

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MercatorDesigner: Arthur Baker
Publisher: IHOF
Mercator Set designed by Arthur Baker, USA

Gerardus Mercator was born in the Netherlands in 1512. His name has ended up being synonymous with the Mercator map projection scheme where our world is represented as a flat image producing some distortion in the Northern and Southern extremities. It eventually presents a map of the world with terrific clearness. As a male of the Renaissance, Mercator likewise had an interest in such topics as calligraphy.

Contemporary American calligrapher Arthur Baker has actually studied the penmanship of Mercator and has actually created this typeface based on the lettering used on Mercator's popular world map.

The Mercator set includes alternate Swashes which can be used for specific letters when a more elaborate lettering impact is desired.

Mercator is accredited for release through P22 type foundry Inc./ International Home of Fonts.

Tags: calligraphic, cartography, chancery, decorative, fanciful, inscribed, myth, serif

Mercator Font Preview
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