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Microbrew Soft Font

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Microbrew SoftDesigner: Jay Hilgert
Publisher: Albatross
Microbrew Soft was created by Jay Hilgert and published by Albatross. Microbrew Soft includes 28 designs and household plan options. p > Microbrew Soft is the most recent addition to the Microbrew household. Microbrew Soft includes a large variety of textures while maintaining soft edges and tidy outlines. With 27 individual designs plus a diverse set of ornaments and catchwords, the possibilities are endless when it pertains to the number of faces the font family can wear in your style. Microbrew Soft sports a great mix between wood type poster style and vintage letterpress. The more in-depth styles work well at large sizes, and the cleaner designs add legibility at smaller sizes.

Microbrew Soft is an all caps display font, however the lowercase serve as alternates so including range to your letterforms is as simple as blending uppercase and lowercase letters. To contribute to the realism, Microbrew Soft includes double-letter ligatures. Opentype features include automated fractions, subscript numbers, superscript numbers, and double-letter ligatures.

Don' t let the name fool you, Microbrew Soft is very flexible and works terrific for almost any topic, including weddings, birthdays, restaurants, coffeehouse, music, and numerous more.

Font Family:
· Microbrew Soft One
· Microbrew Soft One 3D
· Microbrew Soft One Hatch
· Microbrew Soft One Inline
· Microbrew Soft One Combined
· Microbrew Soft One Shadow
· Microbrew Soft One Hatch Shadow
· Microbrew Soft Ten
· Microbrew Soft Eleven
· Microbrew Soft Two
· Microbrew Soft Two 3D
· Microbrew Soft Three
· Microbrew Soft Three 3D
· Microbrew Soft Three Inline
· Microbrew Soft Three Combined
· Microbrew Soft Four
· Microbrew Soft Four 3D
· Microbrew Soft Five
· Microbrew Soft Five 3D
· Microbrew Soft Five Fill
· Microbrew Soft Six
· Microbrew Soft Six 3D
· Microbrew Soft Six Fill
· Microbrew Soft Seven
· Microbrew Soft Seven 3D
· Microbrew Soft Eight
· Microbrew Soft Nine
· Microbrew Soft Ornaments

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Microbrew Soft Font Preview

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