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Mondia Font

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MondiaDesigner: Nasir Udin
Created by Nasir Udin, Mondia is a serif typeface family. This typeface has eighteen styles and was released by Nasir Udin.

Mondia is a modern serif font household with 18 font styles motivated by transitional and modern typefaces. Mondia has actually been designed with high-contrast character ratio to provide a classy touch, and high x-height to provide sentences more legibility.

Ranging from thin to fat with its matching italics, Mondia offers many possibilities to be applied in lots of graphic or editorial tasks. Also thanks to the extended latin characters set so that Mondia supports 200+ latin-based languages.

Mondia likewise has a total set of true small caps that integrate magnificently with lowercase letters to provide more emphasis to the highlighted texts.

Mondia has actually opentype features built in, such as stylistic alternates, basic ligatures, special ligatures, oldstyle figures, localized letters, automated fractions, sub/superscripts, and ordinals. Mondia likewise has total set of proportional and tabular numbers.

With those features, Mondia is a fantastic choice for headline, branding, titles, also can be completely used in small articles.

Font Family:
· Thin
· Thin Italic
· Light
· Light Italic
· Regular
· Italic
· Medium
· Medium Italic
· Bold
· Bold Italic
· Extra Bold
· Extra Bold Italic
· Black
· Black Italic
· Extra Black
· Extra Black Italic
· Fat
· Fat Italic

Mondia Font Preview
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