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Monotalic Font

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MonotalicDesigner: Nikola Kostić
Publisher: Kostic Type Foundry
Created by Nikola Kostić, Monotalic is a sans serif font style family. This typeface has twelve styles and was published by Kostic Type Foundry.

Monotalic was developed as a fun experiment, checking out much better solutions for the monospaced type design.

Most monospaced (fixed-width) typefaces have the very same primary style problem regarding the lowercase-- filling the empty area around l, f, i, j and r. That generally brings the addition of slab serifs to those narrow characters, causing lots of monospaced typefaces to feel and look alike. Monotalic solves that issue by adopting the handwritten (or cursive) kind for those troublesome characters, which allows them to be specified in more strokes, thus getting a better circulation of type in that fixed-width area. On the other hand, cursive writing generally does not have the legibility of a Roman (Routine upright) style, so Monotalic was produced to be a hybrid, taking the finest of both worlds.

Monospaced font styles today are mostly utilized for coding. Modern code editors use colored text in order to distinguish between different kinds of code. So, because environment there's in fact no need for traditional text styling by adding Italics, Strong or other styles, due to the fact that the code lines are overemphasized as it is. That is why Monotalic concentrates on one design only, in three widths and four weights. The weights permit users to select the perfect contrast of text on screen, depending upon their display resolution and background color in the editor.

Movie scripts are almost specifically set in 12pt Carrier. It became the industry requirement because when set in the particular "movie script format" it aids with the breakdown of the schedule and budgeting process of the movie production. Although it looks entirely various, text set in Monotalic (Regular width) will take the same amount of area as Courier.

Font Family:
· Monotalic Light
· Monotalic Regular
· Monotalic Medium
· Monotalic Bold
· Monotalic Narrow Light
· Monotalic Narrow Regular
· Monotalic Narrow Medium
· Monotalic Narrow Bold
· Monotalic Wide Light
· Monotalic Wide Regular
· Monotalic Wide Medium
· Monotalic Wide Bold

Monotalic Font Preview
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