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Morl Font

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MorlDesigner: Chatnarong Jingsuphatada
Publisher: Typesketchbook
Morl was developed by Chatnarong Jingsuphatada and released by Typesketchbook. Morl contains 60 designs and household plan alternatives. p > Established from condensed san serif households of the 90's to 00's, Morl brings together the unique functions of the time but presented in an easier design. Its potential is increased with Initial, Sans, and Rounded choices which offer varied state of minds. Suitable for publications, web and product styles, Morl can fit either headlines or body. It's likewise efficiently supported in different gadgets. The family can be found in 10 weights, making it available to utilize for your required jobs in 60 designs.

Font Family:
· Morl Thin
· Morl Thin Italic
· Morl Extra Light
· Morl Extra Light Italic
· Morl Light
· Morl Light Italic
· Morl Semi Light
· Morl Semi Light Italic
· Morl Regular
· Morl Italic
· Morl Medium
· Morl Medium Italic
· Morl Bold
· Morl Bold Italic
· Morl Extra Bold
· Morl Extra Bold Italic
· Morl Black
· Morl Black Italic
· Morl Extra Black
· Morl Extra Black Italic
· Morl Sans Thin
· Morl Sans Thin Italic
· Morl Sans Extra Light
· Morl Sans Extra Light Italic
· Morl Sans Light
· Morl Sans Light Italic
· Morl Sans Semi Light
· Morl Sans Semi Light Italic
· Morl Sans Regular
· Morl Sans Italic
· Morl Sans Medium
· Morl Sans Medium Italic
· Morl Sans Bold
· Morl Sans Bold Italic
· Morl Sans Extra Bold
· Morl Sans Extra Bold Italic
· Morl Sans Black
· Morl Sans Black Italic
· Morl Sans Extra Black
· Morl Sans Extra Black Italic
· Morl Rounded Thin
· Morl Rounded Thin Italic
· Morl Rounded Extra Light
· Morl Rounded Extra Light Italic
· Morl Rounded Light
· Morl Rounded Light Italic
· Morl Rounded Semi Light
· Morl Rounded Semi Light Italic
· Morl Rounded Regular
· Morl Rounded Italic
· Morl Rounded Medium
· Morl Rounded Medium Italic
· Morl Rounded Bold
· Morl Rounded Bold Italic
· Morl Rounded Extra Bold
· Morl Rounded Extra Bold Italic
· Morl Rounded Black
· Morl Rounded Black Italic
· Morl Rounded Extra Black
· Morl Rounded Extra Black Italic

Tags: advertising, alternates, avant garde, chatnarong, clean, condense, contemporary, corporate, curve, design, display, editorial, friendly, geometric, graphic design, grotesque, inktrap, magazine, modern, new, options, rounded, sans-serif
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