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Mr Palkerson Font

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Mr PalkersonDesigner: Yuri Gordon
Publisher: Letterhead Studio-YG
Mr Palkerson was designed by Yuri Gordon and published by Letterhead Studio-YG. Mr Palkerson contains 6 designs and household package alternatives. p > A grotesque Mr Palkerson and piece serif Mr Palker construct one superfamily together.

These are blank types. In such a way even the display screen ones. Typefaces for newspapers, statements, low-cost advertising and authorities posters.

Mr Palker and Mr Palkerson will turn every language into a fence. And due to six kinds of faces one can select what material must the fence be made from - from Thin steel rods to the Black stone blocks. In their simplest look Mrs P&P are intended for the solid blank structure in victorian or commercial style. They are quite decent, a bit old-fashioned slab serif and grotesque with closed aperture.

All my types have layers.

Walker and Palkerson also do. Besides the basic set of symbols, they have 4 add-ons.

1. Alternate glyphs, including unicase ones.

2. Ligatures with A letter.

3. Extra tall small caps.

4. Two-storey ligatures.

All this alternatives are meant for the complex composition. The extra letters are rather eccentric as their main function here is to imitate the victorian quirks. Mimic, parody, simply not repeat.

There are lower-case As and Es in the embeded in height of small caps and uppercases. They can turn every writing into the unicase.

The lower-case A (as well as uppercase and small caps variation of it) has intentionally by my taste grown a ludicrous tail. To compensate it I have actually built all the possible ligatures - ад, ал, ая. There are 35 of this ligatures all together.

Take a closer look at the Russian letters D, L, K, Ya from the primary set along with their alternates. The additional glyphs are one more comic than the other - on purpose to mimic (not to repeat!) the victorian set.

This sets have lowercase numbers. And little caps numbers also. What a contemporary typeface without them.

They likewise have an У-letter with a generously curved tail. As if prior to the WWI.

The Latin obviously has alternates also. It has letters to make the ideal French sound more like the russian provincial version of it. The tails of Js and Ts can be made a little bit more open - or a little bit closed.

My preferred function here, a development of a kind - extra high little caps. It enables to compose logo designs with the small caped uppercases straight from the keyboard. The small caps of this typefaces are generally much taller than the traditional ones.

This is the kind of little caps that Palker and Palkerson have. More to that, the strokes' weight and the letters width are represented the uppercases. Simply a ready set for making a logo a la 1913 design. With a unicase, one needs to mind!

One more technique with the high small caps is a possibility to make them work like lower uppercases. Their height is simply in between of lower- and uppercases. Isn't it excellent to have an extra set of uppercase working ponies in stock for the case of emergency.

And lastly - the trademark of Palkerson family, two-storey ligatures.

They are made in the height of uppercases and turn every composing into an accessory or a puzzle of a kind, while at the very same time making them much shorter. Each face has 90 of them. Primarily those are twins: CC, BB, DD and so on.

ll this things are for the unhasty compositing, even for lettering. Which implies that for the things which are not there you always should have Command+ Alternative+ O and some persistence. Likewise - amongst the two storey ligatures one also can discover some lookout villas.

All my types are glasses from the one kaleidoscope. The P&P s household was initial part of the victorian set, which already has 21 Cents and Clarendorf - additionally one can include Costro, Gordoni, Handy, Guardy, Surplus, Red Ring, Red Square, Babaev to the list. And likewise Sklad, Odessa, Dreamland, Romb, Platinum - here, at Letterhead's, every second one is victorian. Entirely our typefaces can enable one to set ad of any kind, even the trickiest one, and make up everything, from the coffee place's menu to the antiquarian publication.

Font Family:
· Mr Palkerson Ultracondensed Thin
· Mr Palkerson Ultracondensed Light
· Mr Palkerson Ultracondensed Black
· Mr Palkerson Ultracondensed Demi Bold
· Mr Palkerson Extracondensed Bold
· Mr Palkerson Extracondensed Black

Tags: condensed, cyrillic, display, grotesque, magazine, sans, ultracondensed, victorian

Mr Palkerson Font Preview

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