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MyCRFTDesigner: Drew Maughan
Publisher: DM Founts
MyCRFT was developed by Drew Maughan and published by DM Founts. MyCRFT contains 6 styles and family bundle alternatives. p > MyCRFT was created as a customized heading typeface for Drew Maughan's IhNohMinecraft project.


Beginning life in 2015 under the name Mascoteers, the project was an ensemble of small characters developed from LEGO elements. The difficulty was in creating the various figures with the limitations of existing LEGO aspects, while being recognisable as private characters.

The job was initially well gotten within the LEGO community and with the public, but was eventually neglected and even mocked in favour of LEGO's own BrickHeadz style, launched in late 2016.

It was rebranded IhNohMinecraft as a response to the purposeful cries of 'Ih dih Minecraft?' since BrickHeadz' launch. The task has no relation to the popular game.


The inspiration to develop MyCRFT was as part of developing IhNohMinecraft as its own job, by providing it a brand-new visual identity.

The typeface might be explained as a cross in between the ones used for Gears Of War and Overwatch. I liked the boldness of the former, and the italicized straight edges of the latter. MyCRFT was meant to be utilized in its Black Italic form from the beginning, and was developed around the letters from the word MINECRAFT.

Where I couldn't select particular characters, I've included the designs as alternative glyphs. I've likewise consisted of the old 'square' Mascoteers logo design and the more recent 'head' IhNohMinecraft logo.

MyCRFT is combined with Kanit on the official IhNohMinecraft web site. Let me understand if you find a much better pairing!


View the IhNohMinecraft 'reveal' playlist on YouTube.

The main Mascoteers/IhNohMinecraft website.

Font Family:
· MyCRFT Regular
· MyCRFT Italic
· MyCRFT Bold
· MyCRFT Bold Italic
· MyCRFT Black
· MyCRFT Black Italic

Tags: angular, blocky, brickheadz, computer, display, heading, indie, lego, mascoteers, minecraft, modern, project, square, straight, technology

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