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Nagham Font

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NaghamDesigner: Saad Abulhab
Publisher: Arabetics
Nagham was created by Saad Abulhab and released by Arabetics. Nagham consists of 8 designs and household bundle choices. p > Nagham was designed utilizing consistent glyph thickness throughout and overstated letter heights to use a vertical look. It supports all Arabetic scripts covered by Unicode 6.1, and the most recent Arabic Supplement and Extended-A Unicode obstructs, consisting of support for Quranic texts. This typeface family includes 2 letter spacing flavors: isolated for small text and overlapped for large or screen text. The 2 tastes featured 2 weights, routine and bold, each of which has typical and left-slanted Italic versions. The script style of this font style family follows the Arabetics Mutamathil Taqlidi style making use of varying x-heights. The Mutamathil Taqlidi type design utilizes one glyph per every fundamental Arabic Unicode character or letter, as defined by the Unicode Standards, and one additional last form glyph, for each freely-connecting letter of the Arabic cursive text. Nagham consists of the required Lam-Alif ligatures in addition to all vowel diacritic ligatures. Soft-vowel diacritic marks (harakat) are selectively placed with the majority of them appearing on similar low and high levels-top left corner-, to plainly distinguish them from the letters. Tatweel is a zero-width glyph.

Font Family:
· Nagham Regular
· Nagham Italic
· Nagham Overlap
· Nagham Overlap Italic
· Nagham Bold
· Nagham Bold Italic
· Nagham Overlap Bold
· Nagham Overlap Bold Italic

Tags: arabic, contemporary, cursive, extended, oblique, overlap, persian, simplified, slanted, text, urdu

Nagham Font Preview
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