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Navine Font

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NavineDesigner: Abhishek Junghare
Publisher: OneSevenPointFive
Navine was designed by Abhishek Junghare and published by OneSevenPointFive. Navine contains 54 styles and household plan options. The font is presently # 30 in Hot New Fonts. p >

Navine is a rectangle-shaped sans serif typeface with 3 widths, each with 9 uprights and the matching italics. Navine is crafted with powerful OpenType features, alternate glyphs, kerning pairs, superiors, inferiors, and much more. Navine mixes magnificently in your innovative designs.

Font Family:
· Navine Condensed Thin
· Navine Condensed Thin Italic
· Navine Condensed Extra Light
· Navine Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Navine Condensed Light
· Navine Condensed Light Italic
· Navine Condensed
· Navine Condensed Italic
· Navine Condensed Medium
· Navine Condensed Medium Italic
· Navine Condensed Semi Bold
· Navine Condensed Semi Bold Italic
· Navine Condensed Bold
· Navine Condensed Bold Italic
· Navine Condensed Extra Bold
· Navine Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Navine Condensed Black
· Navine Condensed Black Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Thin
· Navine Semi Condensed Thin Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Extra Light
· Navine Semi Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Light
· Navine Semi Condensed Light Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed
· Navine Semi Condensed Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Medium
· Navine Semi Condensed Medium Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Semi Bold
· Navine Semi Condensed Semi Bold Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Bold
· Navine Semi Condensed Bold Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Extra Bold
· Navine Semi Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Navine Semi Condensed Black
· Navine Semi Condensed Black Italic
· Navine Thin
· Navine Thin Italic
· Navine Extra Light
· Navine Extra Light Italic
· Navine Light
· Navine Light Italic
· Navine Regular
· Navine Italic
· Navine Medium
· Navine Medium Italic
· Navine Semi Bold
· Navine Semi Bold Italic
· Navine Bold
· Navine Bold Italic
· Navine Extra Bold
· Navine Extra Bold Italic
· Navine Black
· Navine Black Italic

Tags: alternates, aperture, big x height, close, closed aperture, condensed, high x height, inferiors, italic, large x height, logo, lowercase, multiple widths, navine, onesevenpointfive, opentype, rectangular, sans serif, semi condensed, square, stylisitic variations, stylistic sets, superiors

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