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Nepos Font

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NeposPublisher: Astype
Nepos is a dingbat, display screen and novelty typeface family. This typeface has twenty-two styles and was released by Astype.

Nepos is a speculative modular type package consisting of ready-made typefaces and a set of special BUILD typefaces to develop your own letters and accessories. These CONSTRUCT fonts can be used on layers with various colors and overprinting for unique effects.

Studends get excited frequently by these basic modular graphics, specifically if they understand these sort of stuff was made long befor desktop publishing. In Germany the Dresden Schriftguss AG offered these lead key ins the early 1930s under the label NE & & PO (Negativ+ Positiv) and ATF in the USA under the name Alpha Blox.

Font Family:
· Nepos Antiplex Regular
· Nepos Antiplex B
· Nepos Antiplex Solid
· Nepos Battonplex Regular
· Nepos Battonplex B
· Nepos Battonplex Solid
· Nepos Coreplex Regular
· Nepos Coreplex B
· Nepos Coreplex Solid
· Nepos Simplex Regular
· Nepos Simplex Solid
· Nepos Initials Flowers
· Nepos Build Ne Base
· Nepos Build Ne Base Outline 40
· Nepos Build Ne Flowers
· Nepos Build Ne Flowers Outline 40
· Nepos Build Po Base
· Nepos Build Po Base Outline 40
· Nepos Build Po Base Outline 60
· Nepos Build Po Base Outline 80
· Nepos Build Po Flowers
· Nepos Encode Regular

Nepos Font Preview
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