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Neue Singular Font

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Neue SingularDesigner: Alexander Roth
Publisher: Neue
Neue Singular was designed by Alexander Roth and released by Neue. Neue Singular contains 60 designs and household plan choices. The font is currently # 4 in Hot New Fonts. p >

neue Particular is a modern Neo-grotesque sans-serif developed in 3 variations. The suffixes H, D, and V show the matching treatment of the stroke endings: H for horizontal, D for diagonal, and V for vertical. Despite of the stylistic variety neue Singular covers it is still one coherent typographic system that shares the exact same quantity of weights, similar character sets and vertical measurements. Professional typographers are motivated to utilize the specific versions as optical sizes - neue Singular H for headlines, neue Particular D for copy and neue Singular V for the little print.

neue Particular is created with area sensitive environments in mind. Environments such as user interfaces, forms and wayfinding applications. The letter spacing is adjusted in a manner that permits changing weights and styles without a substantial effect on the total consumption of space.

Each neue Singular variant spans throughout no less than 10 weights varying from Additional Thin to Black. The matching Italics include extra methods of differentiating details but doing it so with the minimal compromise on the graphical quality of Neo-grotesque shapes. All 60 typefaces of the neue Particular household are geared up with roundabout 550 characters consisting of several figure sets, alternative characters and arrows. neue Particular is Made in Germany.

For trial and variable font styles connect to hi@neuefoundry.com


Font Family:
· Neue Singular H Extra Thin
· Neue Singular H Extra Thin Italic
· Neue Singular H Thin
· Neue Singular H Thin Italic
· Neue Singular H Extra Light
· Neue Singular H Extra Light Italic
· Neue Singular H Light
· Neue Singular H Light Italic
· Neue Singular H Regular
· Neue Singular H Regular Italic
· Neue Singular H Medium
· Neue Singular H Medium Italic
· Neue Singular H Semi Bold
· Neue Singular H Semi Bold Italic
· Neue Singular H Bold
· Neue Singular H Bold Italic
· Neue Singular H Extra Bold
· Neue Singular H Extra Bold Italic
· Neue Singular H Black
· Neue Singular H Black Italic
· Neue Singular D Extra Thin
· Neue Singular D Extra Thin Italic
· Neue Singular D Thin
· Neue Singular D Thin Italic
· Neue Singular D Extra Light
· Neue Singular D Extra Light Italic
· Neue Singular D Light
· Neue Singular D Light Italic
· Neue Singular D Regular
· Neue Singular D Regular Italic
· Neue Singular D Medium
· Neue Singular D Medium Italic
· Neue Singular D Semi Bold
· Neue Singular D Semi Bold Italic
· Neue Singular D Bold
· Neue Singular D Bold Italic
· Neue Singular D Extra Bold
· Neue Singular D Extra Bold Italic
· Neue Singular D Black
· Neue Singular D Black Italic
· Neue Singular V Extra Thin
· Neue Singular V Extra Thin Italic
· Neue Singular V Thin
· Neue Singular V Thin Italic
· Neue Singular V Extra Light
· Neue Singular V Extra Light Italic
· Neue Singular V Light
· Neue Singular V Light Italic
· Neue Singular V Regular
· Neue Singular V Regular Italic
· Neue Singular V Medium
· Neue Singular V Medium Italic
· Neue Singular V Semi Bold
· Neue Singular V Semi Bold Italic
· Neue Singular V Bold
· Neue Singular V Bold Italic
· Neue Singular V Extra Bold
· Neue Singular V Extra Bold Italic
· Neue Singular V Black
· Neue Singular V Black Italic

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