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Neurial Grotesk Font

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Neurial GroteskDesigner: Deni Anggara
Publisher: Indian Type Foundry
Designed by Deni Anggara, Neurial Grotesk is a sans serif font style household. This typeface has 10 designs and was released by Indian Type Foundry.

Neurial Grotesk is a household of sans serif font styles designed in the neo-grotesk design. As a typeface, Neurial Grotesk was developed to provide optimum versatility. The proportions of its letterforms are balanced; these are paired with carefully-crafted diacritics. Neurial Grotesk's appearance was inspired by twentieth-century modernism and the International Style. Nevertheless, it is also a greatly constructed typeface, with regularized widths, a minimum amount of stroke modulation, and little optical correction, either. The Neurial Grotesk household consists of ten weights, ranging from Light through Strong with matching italics. The font styles feature a high x-height. The lowercase diacritics are positioned so that the majority of their tops reach simply as much as the top of the cap-height. Ascenders rise above this somewhat, however the numerals all have the exact same height as the uppercase letters. Lines of text in Neurial Grotesk can be set firmly and compact. The uppercase consists of no coming down aspects-- both the 'J' and 'Q' keep all of their strokes between the standard and the cap-height. Each Neurial Grotesk font includes two various kinds of the lowercase 'a'-- one with a tail, the other without. Cool additionals consist of Roman numerals, arrow glyphs, and a few geometric shapes, too. Neurial Grotesk is an excellent selection for use in branding and corporate design.

Font Family:
· Neurial Grotesk Light
· Neurial Grotesk Light Italic
· Neurial Grotesk Regular
· Neurial Grotesk Italic
· Neurial Grotesk Medium
· Neurial Grotesk Medium Italic
· Neurial Grotesk Bold
· Neurial Grotesk Bold Italic
· Neurial Grotesk Extra Bold
· Neurial Grotesk Extra Bold Italic

Neurial Grotesk Font Preview
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