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Newsletter Font

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NewsletterDesigner: Ingo Krepinsky
Publisher: Die Typonauten
Newsletter was created by Ingo Krepinsky and published by Die Typonauten. Newsletter contains 11 designs and household plan alternatives. p > Monospaced but no mono space.

Created from 2002 to 2007 this typeface household is affected by fonts like OCR-B, DIN and the work of Erik Spiekermann. Newsletter is not a genuine monospaced font style but has the ease of recognition these typefaces have - although these fonts are frequently criticized for their aesthetic qualities. Newsletter has a computer-related impression however is more clear and aesthetic than real monospaced font styles are.

Since 2006 Newsletter is the business typeface of the design firm 'die Typonauten'. It is eminently ideal for correspondence usage. After a screening duration and great tuning it is now released.

Font Family:
· Newsletter Light
· Newsletter Light Italic
· Newsletter Regular
· Newsletter Regular Caps
· Newsletter Italic
· Newsletter Medium
· Newsletter Medium Caps
· Newsletter Bold
· Newsletter Bold Caps
· Newsletter Stamp
· Newsletter Icons

Tags: bitmap, calculator, clean, commercial, computer, construction, courier, geometric, german, grotesk, information, info text, light, mechanical, monospace, narrow, neutral, new, news, office, pictogram, picture, plain, rough, sans-serif, small caps, stamp, static, swiss, switzerland, symbol, symmetric, typewriter, web graphics

Newsletter Font Preview

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